Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Moments in Hypocrisy

"...such actions by any elected official is a breach of trust and sheer wreckless disregard of the consequences that such action will have on the Town's interests."

"I feel bad for the Tribe, but I feel worse for my Tribe to whom I owe unqualified and absolute allegience."

-- Middleboro Selectman Adam Bond
from his blog post dated 12-31-08

Adam Bond raises his hand. Yes?

"Um... say a casino or… or… the new Plymouth Movie Studio comes into the picture..."

No kidding. First words out of his mouth. CASINO.

"…is there some way… in other words… what could STOP this project?"

The highway guy, not being from the Land of Oz, looks confused. Apparently, no one has ever done this.

This is Adam’s dilemma zone: After installing these turning lanes, Mass. Highway isn’t going to touch Rte. 44 for at least another 5 years. And that means no double barreled highway or other infrastructure improvements to the road which would make life easier (and cheaper) for casino investors. It could potentially even (gasp!) delay The Project.

But by all means, let’s see if we can’t delay the turning lanes instead. I mean, what’s another 100 accidents more or less if it saves some billionaires a little coin.

-- Connoisseur of the Human Comedy, Gladys Kravitz
in her May 15, 2008 blog post, The Dilemma Zone


Blogger Shark said...

OUCH!! Chomp Chomp. :D

Hey Adam. Open mouth, insert foot. Just don't bite down too hard.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Just keepin' it real, Blogger Shark.

Wouldn't want anyone to confuse "pro-community" with "pro-community-as-long-as-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-IGA"

carverchick said...

Truth and consequences...again I say, for the life of me I cannot understand how Mr. Bond can continue to support this project run by a Tribe that obviously cannot be trusted or taken in good faith.

It brings to mind the old adage..."fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me."

No Casino!

Anonymous said...

What does it look like when someone 'eats crow'?
Watch the BOS meeting to see the clowns defend 'my friends' and toss the town overboard.
And there WILL be more indictments.

Anonymous said...

Which only proves that a man's person is defined by his boorish behavior when he is offered the opportunity to lead and unite and insted calls his opponents braying donkeys.

Anonymous said...

Adam is easily trashed as he has been for opening his mouth without thinking, but now he's trying to get a mindless board that he helped elect to follow him and agree with him and actually act in the town's best interest. Poor Adam!
Someone compared it to 'pushing string.'
As for defending his 'Tribe'?
Seems to me he had a promise of becoming Town Manager that amounted to naught.
Some people just make stupid decisions.
Come to the BOS meeting and watch Minny ma defend 'her friends' the felons. And watch what stuttering, sputtering Steve says about the Big Leagues. BTW, he's up for re-election. Let's just rally around someone who condemned the churches for speaking out against the casino. Steve promises to do another easel presentation about the casino indictments.
Braying donkeys, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Surely you have great thoughts about the Mashpee's suspension of the wife batterer and the unshunning.
We can't wait to hear them.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Great thoughts? I think my thoughts are pretty straight forward.

The Mashpee Wampanoag finally gets rid of corrupt leadership - AFTER Feds catch Glenn and investors doing bad things. Because a 1,500 member Tribe couldn't straighten themselves out. But let's make sure we give them sovereign nation status and the world's biggest casino!

Now they will try to change their image, warm and fuzzy, all is good, met the pilgrims... stewards of the earth... good PR... Aaron Tobey meeting everyone, shaking hands.. trust.. trust...

Have some Kool-aid, take time to smell the poppies...

Middleboro will re-negotiate a slightly better agreement, Bond will be happy because he saved casino for investors while once again making Middleboro think it had no choice, casino opposition (in Middleboro) will be nulified. Casino goes up, so does crime, traffic, addiction, suicide...

Except it ain't coming - especially if Middleboro demands (yes DEMANDS not compromise, not settle) that the IGA go in the trash.

Deep enough?

Smoking Owl said...

Hey Mimi,
I just moved into your house and took over half of it. But it's OK cause we're friends, right?
I cleaned out your fridge and turned your dog over to animal control. Its alright though cause we're friends, right?
I used your family heirlooms to build a fire on your living room floor, but you won't mind, cause we got the friendship going for us, right?
I gave your car to my cousin to keep, still friends, right?
I hacked into your bank account and transferred every last cent to my account, man we are such good friends, right?

Mimi Du-nothing needs to understand there's more to being a selectman than just showing up at the meetings. Do your homework Mimi and find out who negotiated the IGA. I bet it wasn't your "friends" whom you so desperately don't want to offend.
Mimi, here's a bit of shocking news. You represent ME! A citizen of Middleboro. A voting constituent. Forget about the damn Tribe Mimi cause you offend ME every time I see you sitting at that table in the BOS meetings. What about that Mimi? Do you care so deeply about offending the people YOU represent? The Tribe are NOT our friends. They swindled the Town of Middleboro to satisfy their own interests. Mimi, if that's your idea of friendship, then I hope you don't mind, but I just sold all your appliances for money to buy myself a new HD TV. I'm glad to have a friend like you Mimi!

Nocasino said...

Smoking Owl, How could you say such things? These people are our "friends."

These people "our friends" who bought the land before Middleboro residents had a chance to figure out what was happening by dealing with local politicans who had no experience and no knowledge of what they were getting us into and kept other deals secret in order to improve their chances of buying the land for a song.

These people "our friends",like the Rapist, the man who lied to congress, the man who said he was a war hero when actually he was in high school. The man who stole from his own tribe. The batterer, the people who took money from the Rapist and the batterer. The people who stood silent while knowing that the Rapist stole money from his own people, those who told the people of Middleboro that they would take care of everything bad that happens because of a casino, property values fall , businesses lose their customers, traffic etc.

These people "Our Friends" that called us racists when we tried to get a better deal.

These people "Our Friends" who tried to exclude us from the state compact after expressly telling us that we would be included.

These are "our friends" who will surely not take advantage of us in the future when they have their land in trust and we will no longer have any leveage over them.

True friends would do none of the above, and true friends would try and stop it, NOW.

Adam , Marsha, Steve, Mimi and Pat, true friends can disagree, but this is too important to let your pride get in the way of what is right.

Lets stop this while we still can, and work together towards a better Middleboro.


Smoking Owl said...


Well said!

I have one question though. Glenn Marshall lied to Congress. Why isn't he being charged with perjury? Or is he, and I missed it?

Roger Clemens lied to Congress and he's facing perjury charges, why isn't Glenn Marshall?

The point of my previous comment was that friends don't do bad things to friends. Glenn Marshall, as a Tribal representative, and his backers have done irrepairable harm to the Town of Middleboro. The dimwits on the BOS have to recognize that. We may not be able to get out of the IGA, but the Tribe and the casino investors are far from our friends. The sooner certain members of the BOS realize that, the better chance the Town of Middleboro has to right this wrong.