Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If You Want a Friend, Get a Dog

I've been trying, without much luck, to blog a response to Middleboro Selectman Adam Bond's own recent blog post - which essentially blasts his fellow selectmen for being bunch of slack-jawed country-fried rubes who do bad things behind closed doors.

Because I can't argue with that.

But the rest of it - the whole breathless rant about taking oaths to look out for the best interests of his own "Tribe" to which he owes his "unqualified and absolute allegience" - honestly folks, I just didn't know where to start.

At first, looking at the date stamp of December 31, 2008, I was more or less willing to credit his post to too much bubbly and Jeno's pizza rolls while waiting for the ball to fall down, and leave it at that.

But then I saw the comments. And I guess seeing words like "courage" and "resolve" attributed to Adam Bond - well that was sort of like being dropped into a world where scarecrows talk and monkeys fly.

But then, Adam always brings an element of surrealism to everything. In fact, he's a real Salvador Dali when it comes to the art of the deal.

But hey, I'll say this much for Adam - he has always been about "The Deal". In fact, he was extremely proud of that very deal he's so eager to revisit now.
This deal is no different than most others. It is about money, self interest, and leverage.
Sadly, in his haste back in '07, Adam failed to understand how much money he should have negotiated for, made the deal with his own self-interest in mind, and threw away any leverage the town had to begin with by telling everyone a casino was a "done deal."

And suddenly he's a humble hero because he's blaming it all on the cabbage patch kids he shares a desk with?

Pah - leeze...

I suppose it has nothing to do with deflecting attention from a crappy deal he made with folks currently under Federal indictment and certain felons-to-be-named-later?

No. Impossible. It must be a selfless act of courage. And only intense resolve could allow someone to stand up to the burly likes of Steve Spataro and Muriel Duphilly.

Because in his manifesto, Adam, himself king of the secret meeting, accuses some of his colleagues on the board of disclosing
to the people on the other side of the IGA matters relating to the Town's own strategies relating to how to proceed under the IGA.
And also of telling tales of division on the board. Well, I suspect that cat's out of the bag, now, huh? But the part I like best is when he proclaims that
such actions by any elected official is a breach of trust and sheer wreckless disregard of the consequences that such action will have on the Town's interests.
So, I'm guessing that this must be a different sort of "breach of trust and sheer wreckless disregard of the consequences that such action will have on Town interests" that compelled Mr. Bond, back in 2007, to demand that his "Tribe" sign an agreement five days after the document was made public, at a giant outdoor meeting that many couldn't attend, before all impacts were known, under the guise of an inevitability that did not exist, with a partner he couldn't be bothered to get to know?

But you won't find those facts in Bond's latest revisionist diatribe. And you won't find courage in his latest stunt.

Courage can't be found by going against your board when it's in your own best interest.

Courage is standing at a microphone in front of 3,000 people and news cameras speaking about values and community while a bunch of neanderthals scream and laugh at you. It's continuing to speak the truth even when people who don't agree with you threaten to sue you. Or put liens on your house. Or attempt to humiliate, harass and discredit you and your family on public web sites and message boards. Or spit on your car in front of your kids. Or say they'll come to your house and 'destroy' you. Or use those people who do to intimidate you.

Real courage is about doing the right thing, and doing it even when people aren't listening or don't care. Courage is standing up, not giving up, and not giving in, even when that would be so easy to do. Courage is giving up the things you enjoy, or need, or want, to make life a better place for people who will never thank you. Or vote for you.

If you want a friend, buy a dog.

And if you really want the best deal for Middleboro, you won't let self-serving hypocrites, two-timing lawyers or refugees from the turnip truck anywhere near it.


Nocasino said...

Standing and cheering!

Thank you Gladys for your spirit. Never give up and never give in.

It is Funny to me how many make fun of BOS members for not taking advantage of the opportunity to renegoiate, but then don't want to take advantage of our own opportunity to kill it all together.

Now is not the time to back down. Now is the time to take advantage and kill this puppy once and for all.


Bellicose Bumpkin said...

I just realized that my cell phone is just like the one in the picture!


Anonymous said...

Nice job, Gladys!

I gagged at his comments.

I gagged at the comments of others.


You got it!

After calling casino opponents braying donkeys, now is not the time to ascribe heroism to Mr. Bond.

Nocasino said...

Now that you mention it the facial hair looks similar as well. hmmmmm

Fiferstone said...

"What makes the muskrat to guard his musk...in the darkling dawn and the dusky dusk...Courage"

Thanks Gladys for being our gadfly and conscience. Perhaps, just perhaps, more snowfall fallout from Glenn Marshall's swan song will accomplish what people seem too apathetic or to poppy-dazed to do on their own behalf. Kill this thing once and fer all.

Until that day, I'm afraid I agree with BB, my worst case is that the casino is coming, I'm hoping and working for the best, while preparing mentally and otherwise for the worst.

"What have they got that I haven't got? Courage."

Gladys Kravitz said...

But isn't that the rub, Fife?

You and BB and your Middleboro comrades CAN do something.

We in the outlying communities have been left without a vote or even a voice - the most basic of rights - yet we will still get all the impacts.

And what about the fact that the Tribe doesn't have to abide by State environmental regs that were created specifically to protect THIS region? Did that tidbit make it to the TMFH or any of those spectacularly informative (sacrasm) public forums?

Now, I suppose, we're supposed to sit around and wait for Gordon Gekko and the Beverly Hillbillies to renegotiate a contract that's always belonged in the trash and at the very least should have been contemplated for well over a year before any agreements were signed.

That sort of outrage generates a lot of courage.

Jacquie said...


What a post!

When I hear talk about civil discourse, I think to myself, hey- wait a minute...who threw the first stone here? Was it not the Middleboro BOS? Did they not set the tone when they gaveled us to silence and didn't give us a voice?

Who are the real bullies here. Like I say to my kids- don't throw the first punch, but man if you get hit-stick up for yourself!

All the antis have been doing is trying to be heard. Obviously, it's not working. We're screaming and the BOS refuse to listen-ONCE AGAIN.

Next to health and family is one's homestead- this debate has become so passionate b/c there's so much to lose!

We all need to go to a selectmen's meeting and DEMAND the BOS explain how they could still be for this casino.

-and as far as Bond goes, when he says he wants to kill this deal- then I'll listen to what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

So where are we?
Head Master indicted with promises of more to come.
And Head Maestro Investor begging for more money, preferably from 'locals'!
And Head Negotiator and Opportunist for the Town of 'boro trying to 'push string'?
Suddenly the grand pontificator is condemning his co-conspirators?
Please, Mr. Bond! you helped elect these people. Did you truly believe the simple-minded would bend to reasonable arguments? Did you truly believe they would listen when 2 attorneys advised them of necessary actions?
You supported and worked to elect Casino Ditto Heads who not only haven't read the IGA, but haven't read IGRA or the indicted and plea bargain.
Instead of promoting your public image, maybe you should have worked to elect people with brains.

Anonymous said...

Well, Gladys, when the entire BOS is: self-serving hypocrites, two-timing lawyers or refugees from the turnip truck, what choice is there?
Hindsight being 20/20, those who support the casino to their very core should reflect on the best representation they could have achieved.
If casino opponents were on that Board, they would have insisted that the IGA be renegotiated with better terms that would provide a percentage of slot revenues among other things.
If casino opponents were on that Board, they would have seized the opportunity to insist that the projected impacts be addressed and M'boro would be getting north of $20 Million each year, for starters.
Maybe the deal can't be undone, but the terms the turnip truck crowd accepts would be better.
For Minny May to believe her friends will be honorable and that $7 million makes sense defines her turnip truck, not mine.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear Anon 11:34, if casino opponents were on that board there would be no casino.

They would have held REAL public forums. They would have spoken to real environmental experts. They would have properly assessed impacts. They would have listened to those who knew it wasn't 'a done deal' or a good deal, and most importantly, they would have figured in health, safety and quality of life into the equation.

And had casino opponents been on that board they wouldn't have allowed for section 22 B - which sold their rights and the towns down the river. And they would have made sure that the DOI knew about article III.

And if there were any on that board now they would stop pussyfooting around this issue, get a real lawyer with no 'indian' or 'gaming' in his or her professional title, and end this nightmare before it begins.

Nocasino said...

I think the most important question is --- -Were there casino opponents on that board at the beginning? I am afraid the answer is yes.

Jacquie said...

Absolutely Gladys.

Remember WAY BACK when the tribe said "if you don't want us, we won't come". ( Err-Maybe that was just another lie from the rapist)

If the BOS had done their due diligence and held town meetings, welcomed surrounding towns to get their input- and had said to the tribe "Hey, you're going to have to wait here. WE WON"T BE RUSHED-what you're asking of us will not only affect our town and the REGION- so out of common COURTEOUSY for our NEIGHBORS, we are going to take some TIME one this."

If the antis were involved- it would have gone something like that- and BOTTOM LINE-none of this would have happened.

We would have come to the conclusion that our land, livelihood, horses, fields, Oliver Mill, Picone Farm and all the great landmarks in our community and those surroundiing us- are just too precious.

Anonymous said...

The citizens of Middleboro need to grow a pair and take this Bond character on.

Because he will go on, and on and on and on.....why?
Because he can.

After all, he is a big time attorney from NEW YORK, who is so much better than all of the overall wearing citizens of Middleboro.

It matters not, what people outside of Middleboro want or don't want, it is up to the voting public of Middleboro to take their town back.

It takes work, interest, time, and more time.

It is either that, or a casino.

Gladys Kravitz said...


Care to elaborate on that?

And Anon. 8:03,

I applaud your attitude!

I completely disagree with those in Middleboro who feel they need to WORK with the BOARD they've got, or accept an agreement because they might get a casino.

Wasn't that the attitude that got us here?

That board is supposedly representative of YOU. So far, it represents NO Opposition viewpoints. Not even a little. But there is AMPLE opposition sentiment in town.

We know so much more about casinos and done deals than we did in '07. I think that is more than enough leverage to rally and barrage this board with your opinions.

Nocasino said...

Seems to me that the board had at least one anti-casino member before this round of casino talk started.

That seemed to change after a few members of town government met with the lying, rapist Marshall.

In my wildest dreams, I cannot think of a reason for that change.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 8:03 here.

Well you Gladys are exactly right. So much more is known now, in 2009, than in 2007.

Middleboro has all the information it needs, right now, to begin to take it's town back.

There is no magic, just hard work and gathering detailed records.

The paper trail is there for the taking. Newspaper articles, copies of minutes....for goodness sake...even YouTube! What a country.

It is the New Year, a new page, and a new time. Either Middleboro citizens grow a pair, or continued to be steamrolled by Eddie Haskle.

"Gee, Mrs. Cleaver, it wasn't me who didn't do the homework, it was the Beaver....it was everybody else but me, I'm the good guy, I follow the rules and know the rules and even make up the rules, that's how good I am!!!!!"

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 8:03, your attitude is invigorating and fills me with much hope. Let's hope it is contagious!

Your thoughts on Eddie Haskell are spot on, too.

But you are so right - there is so much more we know NOW. Yesterday I sat down and wrote a list of all the things we know for sure now that we didn't in 2007.

Perhaps that's the next blog?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Friends, I have a tip line if anyone has anything to add to No Casino's comment, but would prefer not to post it here.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right Gladys in your six degrees blog. The link between Michigan and Middleboro is there and don't you wonder if the change in the A Bomb is that his meal ticket is going to jail and now he is going to get nothing personnaly.

He's left with the piece of crap contract (he negotiated) for the town with verbal promises for what? Nothing.

Is it that with the Raven doing time, he cannot personally gain from any of it?

I sure hope he has a dog that actually is man's best friend because I don't know how he shows his face around town.

Anonymous said...

Elsewhere, the quality of honesty was attibuted to Mr. Bond.
After suffering bouts of nausea, I was compelled to consider the attributes I would ascribe to Mr. Bond.
The following list came quickly to mind ---
narcissistic, self-serving, duplicitous, perfidious, ego-centric, dubious, traitorous,
condescending, opportunistic,
calculating, conniving, two-faced,
scheming, untrustworthy, hostile,
lacking credibility, malicious,
lacking leadership abilities, buffoon, gossip, pretender, fickle, equivocator.

But honesty? Barf! And Mega Barf!

It would be to the 'boro's advantage to have a BOS to represent the town's best interests, renegotiate the contract (which won't happen because the investors seem tapped out, some facing prison), but this is the BOS that Adam built.
("The BOS that Adam built" sounds like a Gladys video to me!)
Live with it, Adam! And try pushing string some more.
Adam, you lied, got the brainless elected because you would look smart, now live with it!

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 6:01, I think you've hit the grammatical goldmine of adjectives when it comes to describing Mr. Bond. In my opinion he should abandon his political career in it's disastrous infancy, and work on his radio persona.

Anonymous said...

Yes Gladys the radio show today was riveting.

The town is is approaching a financial meltdown and criminals are taking advantage of our selectmen.

Mr Bond decides at this moment in time to pick on politicians for taking donations. Ok, Great that would have been a good time to discuss the illegal donations made by the tribe and investors to congress to get recognition don't you think?

Nope we were treated to a discussion for an hour whether someone selling used clothing on ebay is in peril from new regulations and whether BM has 10 year old jeans.

Then for the last half hour we were treated to a discussion on eating habits.

Oprah watch out!

Well I guess even Mr Bond realizes there is nothing postive to say about the casin anymore so it is best he doesn't mention it.

If someone can figure out this guy please let me know. A few days after throwing his fellow board members under the bus ( which could be justified by the way) he has an opportunity to explain his reasoning and instead talks of his pride in healthy diet (not drinking Coke) and Mr M publicly talks of his tenants personal problems.

These guys should go on the road. They could call themselves B&B

Bluster and B*L*$#%#


Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Bond still have a radio program that he's paying for?
The reminder is appreciated anon, but we stopped listening when it was clear that the program lacked substance with few exceptions. The host even managed to get Barney Frank somewhat peeved. We'll stick with WBUR.

Anonymous said...

Nocasino, you have no idea how you've provoked the VV crowd!
While meandering through the swamp is mostly time wasted, few are posting there and MQ is blaming others for his impending bankruptcy by his own admission, eviction from his office, repo of his vehicles, there was a laugh.
It would seem that VV is again off her meds and MQ has removed time stamps so her postings between midnight and 4 AM are now undocumented.
VV, in her inimitable fashion, has determined the antis are stalking the pros' pets after you posted kill this puppy once and for all! Explain all you want, but this is the reason AB is unsuited for public office when he perpetuates this level of irrational comment. No one can take this man seriously.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 3:42 - I knew that would happen when I read NO CASINO's comment! I guess when you've been attacked in as many weird ways as me and my fellow bloggers have, you can anticipate weirdness.

Anonymous said...

Maybe what was laughable about the VV rant was that she just doesn't get it. Poor lady!
Today, we might still be disagreeing about the fine points of the failure of the Board of Clowns to address the Rapist's plea bargain, but tomorrow, we'll have to discuss the cascade of additional indictments.
And rest assured, the feds didn't cut the Rapist's sentence as a Christmas present.
There were other names of tribal members that were included last year having made campaign contributions in excess of their income. One that stands out is Shawn Hendricks and the uninformed would speculate that he'll be included in the next round. His silence might be interpreted as his negotiations with the feds to see what he has to offer. Local names maybe? Which pig will squeal the loudest? For it is only in squealing that one saves one's own neck.
How will the Board of Clowns react when more indictments are made public? Will Mini Ma offer the same argument? "They're my friends!"
And how will the BOC react when the AG begins asking where all the cash came from that paid for the sign wavers, out of town volunteers, union goons intimidating residents, and the 'paid plants' that did stupid things like call casino supporters 'Indian Lovers.'
How do I know he was a 'paid plant'? Maybe because he was in the Town Hall parking lot and asked if the building was the Town Hall? But there were 6 others I encountered that were also 'paid plants.'
Most were too stupid to prepare for the inevitable 'where do you live?' question. One guy actually offered 2 valid street names and said he lived on the corner..but the streets don't intersect.
Herb Strather's plea for additional investors tells it all. He no longer has money to fund a loosing proposition and his financial condition t'aint so good either.
Your most recent blog addressed all of the issues so well. Maybe VV will read it and understand that she needs to get back on those meds because the casino isn't coming with all of the hurdles.
It's time to stop the venom and discuss the issues. And, Adam, it's time to muzzle VV.

Nocasino said...

Ha! Now thats funny! Thanks for the warning Anonymous. Wow, that is a little over the top huh?

Should I prepare for my house to be vandalized again?
Well we can not sure which of the several VV's it is so I guess can't comment.

Happy to meet with anyone at anytime to discuss the issues though.

I just do not want a casino in my backyard.

Pretty simple.

I think I am really gonna enjoy a Celtics game in April;)

Anonymous said...

the various incarnations of VV have been noted over time, including the Rick McNair, realraven, bratbird version that was a standout.
But the irrational rant of the VV seemed like the original VV, not to be confused with all other VVs
and imposters and contests run by LL. That's the one connected with AB.
The VV posting this irrational rant did seem confused that Gladys was stalking blah blah blah and had made the comment. She seemed to get you confused with Gladys, but then she got CP confused with fifer, an astounding feat! (I like them both, but would never get them confused. Oh, my!) Oh, but that was when she was posting as the internet avenger!
Poor, Dear VV! AB needs to get her back on her meds.
The epitaph is being written and there is no higher office for AB.

Anonymous said...

If the casino were a ship AB would most certainly be the Captain.

Doesn't the captain usually go down with the ship, or at least make sure everybody gets off before it sinks??

Evidently not Captain Bond.

He was the first one in the lifeboat.

(First mate BG saw the hole in the hull and jumped ship a few weeks ago)

Now that's real courage

Anonymous said...

Captain AB may have thrown the rest of the crew of the good ship BOS a life preserver, but I don't think they knew how to put them on.

Anonymous said...

BG was as complicit as the rest of the KoolAid drinkers.
He went to other towns and argued. He defended this folly with no facts other than his phony facts.
He condemned the RTF, just like Bondo.
Remember the claims 'We've done all the research. We have all the numbers. You need us.'
There is no research.
There are no numbers.
Here we are. Late in the game. The House of Cards is collapsing. And Strather is looking for 'new' investors. The $$$ gone.
Calter told them they needed the numbers and FF posted that the swim coach superintendent never provided numbers. But Bondo said he trusted the swim coach.
RTF was right excluding these dorks. And Tankman looks like the fool now for trying to be included.
There are people who will move beyond the casino that never comes with their integrity intact because they spoke the truth.
It will be you bloggers and not the BOS or FF. And Mimmy Mi will have her friends for tea.

Smoking Owl said...

We can all sit here and bitch and moan about the BOS until Mimi's cookies are cooled.

Spataro's seat on the BOS is up for grabs in the next election. We need one strong willed individual with leadership qualities to run for that seat. Is there anybody out there with an anti-casino stance that will run? Let's not make the mistake of having three or four candidates running against a friend of Marsha Brunelle. We can begin to make change on the BOS with this election. All it takes is all of us to back a candidate and turn out to vote. This is our golden opportunity to take the bull by the horns and start getting rid of the bulls#!t on our BOS. We also have to look at organizations that support the current BOS and the proposed casino. What about the School Board, whose members supported the IGA. Surely some of them could be replaced. Short of replacing the entire BOS, maybe we can start cutting them off at the knees by getting rid of their supporters in other areas of town government that enable their overwhelming stupidity.