Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Gladoween


Shelly said...

You will certainly keep a certain website in topics for the next few weeks! My only complaint was Marsha actually looked better after the morphing...all the others were fab!!!

Love your work!

carverchick said...


Once again you have outdone yourself! Shelly is right about keeping a certain website in topics. I can't wait to read what your biggest fans have to write about this one!! Personally, I liked the changing of town hall into the, I mean "destination resort"....

Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear Shelly and Carverchick,

Thanks for your kind remarks. It's what keeps me going.

As for other web sites... I rarely visit them and have little interest in what is said there. But if I can, in my own small way, inspire discussion about the casino topic, then that's just wonderful.

Have a spooky one!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular job! Great morphing! Alan does look nocturnal, but in fairness, the infamous Board has 5 MEMBERS.
And just because the other members of the BOARD are BoggleHeads, don't forget that they played their parts in their votes and silence.
Didn't someone say Evil prevails when Good Men remain silent?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Originally, I had plans for the whole board, more than a few billionaire investors, several state officials, and a couple of local favorites, but alas, these are busy times for Gladys.

I do suspect there will be a 'directors cut' version at some point.

Thanks again, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!