Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Biggest Fan

I'm delighted to admit that I have quite a few repeat visitors to this blog. Some of these visitors have even left kind comments about their favorite posts. Many take the time to tell me, in person, how much they appreciate this particular post or that. Believe it or not, I've even received praise for this blog from pro-casino people. So, it never fails to amuse me that my biggest fan, my most frequent visitor, obviously hates my guts.

I rarely visit pro-casino blogs or web sites. Once, while doing so I came across someone insisting that the relatives of the late Sandra Gould, the actress who played Gladys Kravitz, should sue me for using her photograph in my blog.


But I was getting so many hits from this particular forum posting that I felt I should investigate. Imagine what I found - from my biggest fan!
I note that one of Gladys' recent blogs includes a post that appears to be accusing a local resident of comitting ARSON! More troubling is the implication that the Fire Department allegedly acted as co-conspirators deliberately allowing the home to burn to the ground. Then, of course, all this criminal activity was allegedly hidden from the public by the allegedly corrupt local newspaper! I don't hold "annonymous" responsible for that posting. I hold Mary Tufts, the self identified blog owner, who screens all postings responsible for that post. When will it stop? Someone needs to take some sort of legal action against this woman, because she is out of control. The longer she gets away with this crap - the bolder and more outrageous she becomes.

I really wonder why someone hasn't sent links to these blogs to these people's employers. I know that if I had someone working for me that was operating or involved with an Internet "hate" site that contained potentially libellous accusations about people, I'd want to know about it. If they were monitoring that site or blog and posting to it on my company's time or from my company's computer - I'd want my IT department investigating that. These people need a real life wakeup call. Their often irresponsible annonymous postings affect the real lives of real people and I feel that they deserve a taste of their own medicine. What kind of people attack victims of a fire? Maybe someone should start a blog dedicated to criticizing Gladys and her blog?
Wow. I sound like a real piece of work.

But let's take a closer look at the accusation, made by someone known as 'VegasVal'. Here's the anonymous comment in question, which was in response to my recent Twilight Zone parody:

Case in point of screwy things in the twilite zone of Middleboro.
In this Saturdays Enterprise Oct.6 theres a story of a small house fire with picture, YET not long ago there was another house fire on Barrows street in Middleboro that was likely arson and just .2 miles from the fire station that almost burnt the three family structure to the ground. "just two walls left standing" flames over 100 feet in the air and and damaging two other property's and the only thing there now is a blue tarp covering the foundation hole, When residents sent pictures to the Enterprise of it fully engulfed in flames the story NEVER even made it into the Enterprise. Theres many why's to this...

Well, the comment does mention arson (small caps), but it doesn't accuse any local resident. Does VegasVal know something that we don't?

What kind of people attack victims of a fire?

Excuse me?

More troubling is the implication that the Fire Department allegedly acted as co-conspirators deliberately allowing the home to burn to the ground.
Or... they could have been busy across town getting a cat out of a tree. In no way does the comment in question imply a conspiracy. Nor does it imply ineptitude or negligence. Simply the irony of a house burning down in close proximity of a fire department. This does occur from time to time.

...this criminal activity was allegedly hidden from the public by the allegedly corrupt local newspaper!
VegasVal, I think your Freudian slip might be showing.

Once again, VegasVal seems to see a conspiracy around every corner. To me, this comment only implies that the Enterprise didn't feel the story was newsworthy - and that the poster disagrees. It's a free country.

I've watched the Enterprise and the Globe take a decidedly pro-casino stance in the past few months, so I understand where this poster is coming from. It doesn't imply corruption - many papers will take an editorial stance regarding an issue one way or another. That's why I now get my news from the Cape Cod Times.

Now... as far as being responsible for publishing the post, fine. They aren't my words, but I have no problem publishing them, and further, I appreciate the people who take the time to comment on posts on this blog, conspiracy theories or not. I welcome my visitor's observations and opinions, and the discussions they sometimes spur. And no, I don't publish them all.

So, why does VegasVal seem to think that she alone has the priviledge to make accusations and cry 'conspiracy'?

I mean, for people to disagree with me or dislike me for things I actually write or do - well that's one thing, but VegasVal's post is a piece of fiction! Jeesh!

So, am I really "out of control"? Is it me twisting a simple comment about 'screwy things' into a call to arms against a vast Gladys Kravitz conspiracy to attack fire vicitims? Is it me inciting people to take legal action against a private citizen - for what? Free speech?

And I'd hardly refer to this blog as "an Internet "hate" site". VegasVal seems to be biggest 'Hater' on either side of this casino issue, projecting her own personal brand of acrimony and hostility onto her posts. And her inflamatory tone makes me wonder if she is merely suggesting that someone out there sue me - or perhaps something more sinister...

Certainly, VegasVal, there are a zillion more interesting things to do when you can't sleep than comb my blog for nuggets of controversy. Have you tried watching Jimmy Kimmel? What about the thousands of internet gambling sites out there just waiting to take your money. No? Then why not spend some time visiting CasinoFacts.org and reading up on some of the research about the effects of a casino on the people who live around them.

Oh, and sorry to disappoint you, Val - but I'm self-employed.

And as far as there being "a blog dedicated to criticizing Gladys and her blog", VegasVal's posting was found on one of them!


carverchick said...

My God Gladys, how dare you poke fun at this casino circus act! Personally, I love your blogs...they bring humor to a sad and depressing situation. Yet again, pro-casino constituents showing their true colors. You a hate monger...please!! Take about the pot calling the kettle black. They whine and complain that we anti-casino people are twisting the truth...causing trouble. Reading what VegasVal wrote, we should think you and all anti-casino constituents are the anti-chirst or something. When did standing up for what you believe in become so evil...oh, riiiight...when we didn't agree that a casino was a good idea for our community. How dare we speak our minds! From where I sit, you Gladys are a godsend...you write about what you see and you are able to see the humor in it. Keep it up! A shot of you is what I need to try and keep smiling through all of this....

Carl said...

I'm behind 100% Gladys. Carverchick says it all. I checked their forum out and I was reminded of the commercial for Hostess where the animals have halucinations of their products and end up asking, "Where's the creme filling?" Their content has no substance. They wouldn't dare try that to your face. Cowards, all of them.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the site and click on the name, you arrive at a list of all of the posts.
Take a look at some of what the participants have posted if you want to see some childish nonsense!
VegasVal might be the most tedious, but the others are as bad! It's a good thing Limo has provided them with an outlet. Remember how obnoxious they were in the Casino Forum?
And look at the hours and hours they're posting?
A friend sent the link & asked me to check it out. He couldn't believe the poor quality. I forwarded it to others who couldn't be bothered to post on such a poor site.
How sad they have no lives and can't find something positive to do with their lives and their time.
No wonder Adam keeps offering to buy them coffee. It's to keep them off the streets!

wayne said...

After reading some of the posts on that site, my first instinct was to register and verbally open return fire. But then I stepped back and looked at the big picture.
Nothing any of us could say would change anything over there. Furthermore, I would not want my name associated with the thoughts on that site. I fear that anything I would say would be twisted around. I am very disappointed with one particular individual who posts over there, I had thought this person would not fall victim to participating in the name calling and stereotyping that is occurring there.
Gladys, I hope that for every critic you have one hundred supporters! I think some choose to
dismiss what you have ben trying to do not only through this forum but through all of your efforts.
For how many months were you the ONLY voice in Bridgewater? How many events have you attended?
In how many ways have you supported what you feel is right?

It is easy to sit in front of a keyboard and type insulting nonsense. It takes courage to actually stand up in the face of those who would behave in such a way. But then again, that's what people are forced to do when their postion lacks substance. They demean, attack character, and insult.
Keep it up Gladys! We are fortunate to have your insight and humor.

Anonymous said...

I have read the site and noticed there are a couple of anti-casino posters there. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be making much of an impact on the Golden Horde.

wayne said...

It appears to me as though some of the individuals who frequent the forum on the other site are a bit obsessed with our organization, especially what is written in these posts.
Perhaps if instead of coming here to find literary material for their site they could open their minds up to the reality of the negative (irreversible) effects of a casino.

Middleboro Review said...

I must agree with you.
Someone forwarded one of the threads to me because it was a meaningless attack with an inflammatory title that the author chose to change. (I saved the original for future reference.)
You will notice that the attack to which I made the mistake of attempting to respond reasonably with a few facts, quickly digressed into the nonsense about me posting public information.
That person, who should know better, heaped all of the duties, responsibilities and staff that belong to the Treasurer onto the Accountant.
When asked to provide some suggestions, it again digressed into nonsense.
Unfortunately, some seem content to be angry, inflammatory and filled with hate and remain uninformed, regardless.
Next time, I'll know better to avoid the temptation and waste of time!
I have participated in discussion forums that possessed something of value. Sad that that one doesn't.

carverchick said...

I too visited the site, and like you Wayne, my first instinct was to fire back. I too resisted the urge because I have little free time and choose to spend it more productively...like writing several letter to senators, representative and yes the Govenor (and reading Gladys' blogs!). I was also amazed at the log hours...and the childish insults and name calling. Middleboro Recall..I read your post and the remarks...I did notice that the other person did try to backpeddle and be nice...too bad they haven't learned that once you insult and name call, you can't take it back. I also got a chuckle out of the fact the Mr Limo couldn't resist posting a thread titled "Gladys, carverchick and cdlakeville"...his humor is also entertaining. Sticks and stones....see Gladys...you have TONS of fans - so much so that they can't stop talking about you!

Anonymous said...

carverchick, the venom is truly sad! You made good points. Even the offers to work to unite the community and cool the rhetoric seem to go unheeded.
You should be aware that they do seem to delete and erase inflammatory blogs as they choose.
The title of the blog that seems to be the elephant in the room should have been removed by the moderator.
Was it any less offensive than what Mr. Bond protested in a Selectmen's Meeting?
Did he protest?
Why not?

Anonymous said...

That site is fast becoming Mr. Bond's publicity arm for his campaign, never mind a trash Gladys site.

Many of my friends who supported the casino are seething and unforgiving about Mr. Bond's defense of a rapist in saying that 'everyone has skeletons in their closet.'

Glenn Marshall commented during the Boston Globe interview about his 4 arrests that those were the ones he could remember.

Do you remember how many times you've been arrest? I'll bet you do!

And Contempt of Congress? How many Purple Hearts?

Why aren't we discussing this?

Didn't Tony Lawrence say the less said the better?


Democracy should be about the honest exchange of ideas and disagreement that create a greater compromise. But defending a convicted felon?

In defense of Gladys who has provided nothing but humor amid the most outrageous scenarios, THREE CHEERS!

But let's keep watching 'THEM' !

Take a look http://medianation.blogspot.com/

We need an honest discussion and not what Mr. Limo offers.

wayne said...


I apologize for utilizing this particular thread for this purpose,
but I remain (at least as of right now ) against posting and thereby validating the other forum.
But I think something needs to be set straight.
LL.... There is a reason why you showed up at the state house and found such a small group.
I have no doubt that we could have arranged to have thousands of people there. We chose not to. Do you know why?
Do you remember how quickly the officers came over when I approached you to introduce myself?
( and by the way, I did that for two reasons; 1)Contrary to what you may think I am not a coward- I have no problem speaking to you in person and 2) because it was the right (ie. classy) thing to do.
Did you remember what the officer said to us (about not having a permit?)
On that subject ( and this goes out to all of you who are proud posters of the pro casino sentiment and who think we are either wrong or lying), does anyone remember the nice woman who was in the duck boat at the stoplight? You remember, the one who told LL that GAMBLING ENDED her marriage?
The effects are REAL no matter how much the pro side chooses to sugar coat or bury them under impact payments.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Wayne, you are one of the classiest guys in this movement, pro OR con, and I want you to know that you are more than welcome to use this venue to express you opinions.

And though we were small in number that day, I assure you we are growing.


Anonymous said...

The site bears watching. Some of the inflammatory posts disappear so might bear saving. The comments are frequently disturbing, distorted, twisted and irrational.
Gladys, thanks for finding the humor in this!