Monday, October 1, 2007

I'll have another cup of Kool-aid, you'll have another piece of pie

The Boston Globe recently published the results of a poll conducted to determine the level of support Massachusetts residents are willing to give to the Governor's plan to locate three casinos in the state.

This poll surveyed 500 people and determined that 53% of them approved the governor's plan. According to the Globe, "The support is very broad and cuts across all ages, races, and geographic areas."

However, on closer inspection, who exactly are those 53%?

Gladys wanted to know, so she dug a little further...

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Polls can be tricky, and statistics can say whatever you want them to. For an actual analysis of the Globe poll, click here.


Anonymous said...

Gladys.... So enjoy your postings. Instead of these fictitous polls,which i might add, that they never have polled myself.I think they should just play a board game, say the game of Life,Clue,Monopoly,Candyland or maybe just pin the tail on the donkey. This would probably give a truer statistic. Terry

Anonymous said...

We can read and discuss the statistical flaws of the poll and the deliberately skewed questions, but your pie chart tells it all!
You omitted the vocal slumlords who stand to profit.