Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Postcards from the Edge

I have a lot of observations about all the hearings and events of the past two weeks, and plan on blogging them (after I get a little rest). But for now, here is a quick wrap-up of last night's BIA scoping session which was a really great experience. Thanks to all of you who came out and either spoke or supported those who did.

Anti-Casino Synopsis:

· A mega casino on the site in Middleboro will harm the environment, in numerous, well documented ways.
· We love our home.
· We love Middleboro.
· The Tribe hasn’t kept its promises.
· The process was flawed and rushed.
· Where the hell are the REAL plans so we can assess REAL impacts.
· We care about wildlife.
· The Deal with the Tribe doesn’t leave any money for Middleboro.
· A casino will hurt surrounding communities in numerous ways.
· My home has lost it's value because it's near the casino project.
· We care about social issues.
· Property near the casino could be taken by eminent domain.
· Real Indians don’t build casinos.
· A casino could mean more underage gambling.
· Water in South Eastern Mass is not an unlimited resource.
· The site in Middleboro would be bad for any development.
· Traffic, crime and social problems will increase with a mega casino.
· There is no Federal land in Massachusetts, so please go back home and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
· The Mashpee Wampanoags home is in Mashpee. This is OUR home.

Pro-Casino Synopsis

· Anti-casino people are racists, terrorists and liars.
· Colleges are worse than casinos.
· Any job is a good job.
· The Mashpee Wampanoags are coming home.
· Indians care more about the land than white people so if they want to build a casino it must be OK.
· If you don’t like it here, move.
· A casino will be good – because we say so!
· People who live in subdivisions shouldn’t throw stones at casinos.
· Mitigation money or enough therapy can solve anything.
· Casinos are good for the real estate market.
· A mega casino will help surrounding communities.
· What environment?
· Indians good, original settlers bad.
· We want our casino.
· Our home stinks and a casino would make it so much better.
· What impacts, there’s no impacts.
· I’ve been to places with casinos – they’re nice.
· Crown Colony Plaza in Kingston is the same thing as a casino.
· If a casino comes, the rivers will run with chocolate, dollar bills will fall from the sky like manna from heaven, the sun will never set, the streets will be paved with gold, and peace and harmony and all sorts of wonderfulness will follow us like soft little baby lambs all the days of our lives.

Get those letters in people! Get them there before April 9th and send them 'Receipt Requested' or 'Certified'!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gladys:

Thanks for the synopsis, I had to leave at about 9:00 p.m. so couldn't stay to the very end though I wanted to, looking forward to your further thoughts. I think that we who are not convinced that the reservation destination resort casino is a good deal, or a done deal, made detailed, fact-based arguments to support our positions on the issues you outlined.

Unfortunately, it certainly appeared to me from my bleacher seat that the other side in this debate made much more subjective and hope-based arguments, rather than supporting their contentions (the tribe are good stewards of the land, for example) with verifiable facts. I am not suggesting that the tribe as an organization are not good stewards of natural resources, I'd just like to see someone on that side of the issue cite an example as evidence of that contention.

What I am most curious about is that there appears to be a decided lack of investigation of the 2 models closest to hand both regionally and conceptually, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods. We keep hearing that it is not possible to understand the impacts. Dang it, the casinos are there, Foxwoods has been there for several years and presumably, the operators have been preparing and submitting annual reports on the operation. The data is there, and it needs to be analyzed, especially by those who are elected town officials, IMHO. Again, we're asking questions later after having shot ( the foot. . .repeatedly) first. All the more reason to be vocal. Folks, please write and send in those letters to the BIA and the DOI.



Gladys Kravitz said...

Thank you Mary! You did a great job!

As far as Mohegan and Foxwoods - take a look at some of the comments from the people who around those casinos on this blog from Belicose Bumpkin.

Anonymous said...

We've already sent about 7 or 8 raising assorted issues based on the Governor's filing and CFO information.
I wish casino supporters would take a look at the objections as well as blindly supporting the land into trust application.
At least with commercial, they have to comply with state and local laws and regulations. They are responsive to a certain extent. With Trust Land, all control is lost.
I hope others will examine the Governor's filing, examine their convictions and write letters of opposition.
This endeavor makes no sense.
Thanks for standing with us, Gladys.

carverchick said...


excellent breakdown of the evening. And here I thought it was going to be so one sided. Kudos to the BIA for listening and allowing all of us to speak...and to go back and finish our statements. It was actually a great forum. I found Dancing Bear to be the most compelling speaker of the evening. He poignantly stated one clear fact....true stewards of the land would not destroy it or the wildlife that depends on it to build a casino. He is right, the Mashpee Tribe should be ashamed of themselves.
And always, you too made a compelling argument as to why casinos are bad for all of us. Thank you for always being there and for being so strong and inspiring!


Carl said...

I personally enjoyed the evening with the exception of bozo comments by the usual suspects. It was a good night. It has helped me to continue the fight and be ever more vocal. It was a good night for us. We pro-community activists did a great job.