Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lobby Day 2009

Gladys had to walk back down the Hill almost as soon as she got there this morning after getting a call that Abner Jr. was sick. So, while I didn't participate in Lobby Day today after all, I did get to meet up with some of my favorite anti-casino colleagues before leaving.

A special SHOUT OUT to Frank Dunphy, Jim Knox and John Leschen who got there as early as I did, and braved those freezing gale force winds whipping through the heart of Boston this morning (though I'm certain there was plenty of hot air to be found in the Statehouse offices later in the afternoon.)

In addition to their lobbying efforts, our forces also distributed a Question and Answer book, put together by Stop Predatory Gambling and Casino Free Mass, to all the reps.

Great job, everyone!

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who participated! Your efforts really do make a difference!

From Statehouse News:

GAMBLING OPPONENTS PATROLLING BEACON HILL: Anti-gambling forces wasted no time hitting back against Treasurer Tim Cahill’s proposal to bring slot parlors to Massachusetts. Members of Casino Free Mass, a coalition that worked to scuttle Gov. Deval Patrick’s resort casino proposal last session, patrolled the halls of the State House Wednesday, meeting with lawmakers to tout the ills that accompany expanded gambling. One member, Elaine Bono of Yarmouth, told the News Service that gambling in any form – including slot parlors – would “open up the gates of corruption” in Massachusetts. Bono questioned whether there were any wealthy financiers prepared to pay for the rights to operate a slot parlor, but added, “I don’t know what they know.” Casino Free Mass members also took issue with the assertion – made by Gov. Deval Patrick last year and again by Cahill this week – that revenue reaped from expanded gambling would be used to enhance services for compulsive gamblers. “That’s like handing booze to an alcoholic and saying ‘Hey, we’ve got a treatment program for you,’” said Casino Free Mass supporter Judy Thomas, a Chatham resident. Bono said she and three companions intended to visit Cape legislators, including Senate President Therese Murray and Sen. Robert O’Leary. 2:17 PM

Note: The Elaine Bono in the article is the same who served on the Town Planning Commission for the Town of Ledyard, (yes the host community of Foxwoods - from 1985 to 2001) and she has plenty to say about casinos! Yup - just another braying mule the Middleboro Board of Selectmen obviously couldn't be bothered to listen to.

Maybe reading glasses would help clarify Ms. Bono's testimony for the Board.


Anonymous said...

Dynamite testimony from Elaine Bono!
You can produce the facts and figures, make the same comments, but until you've lived through the hell casinos cause, you don't have that POW of her words.
I hope others are listening.
Thank you for being there!

carverchick said...


So sorry to hear you missed your day on the hill. I hope Abner Jr. is feeling better! I am sorry too that I could not be there today so a big and huge thank you to all of you who walked the halls today educating our Legislature yet again on the ills of casino gambling and especially the ills of slots parlors. Massachusetts doesn't need the quick money...and certainly doesn't need the long term ill effects and costs to taxpayers slots will bring.

Tim Cahill is pushing a short-term quick fix to this State's financial woes without looking at the long term costs. All he has to do is look to our neighbor States to know that slots and casinos aren't helping their budget either -- even with MA residents spending their money there. One would think that our own State Treasurer could come up with something a bit more original to deal with our know, think outside the casino/slots box and...I don't know....put together a budget that doesn't spend more than we have.

Every single Massachusetts family needs to carefully budget in this difficult time, and will need to do it yet again if the Governor raises the tolls and gas tax and starts taxing soda and candy....where does it end? At the slots? Give me a break! What is the State Government doing right now to save money??? Oh yeah, they give themselves raises and give us more taxes and the idea of a bleak future lit only by the lights, dinging bells and corruption of the one armed bandits. Great idea.


Anonymous said...


I hope Abner is feeling better, It's amazing how an early release from school helps a child recuperate rather quickly. I have to say you were deeply missed under the golden dome today. We did manage to trudge through the day, and yes there was some hot air flowing through the never ending halls. All and all, it was amusing watching the faces on some of the Reps. (smiling, giggling, sometimes laughing) when asking about their thoughts about Timmy's slot proposal. I don't have to tell you about the others that just consider gambling addicts just "collateral" damage, and we shouldn't be infringing on the right to gamble yada yada yada ! Overall... most of the sentiment was in favor of the good guys.

Raymond Tolosko said...

Thank you to Gladys and all those that atttended the Day on the Hill!
A special thanks to Frank Dunphy who wrote a great editorial on the slots.

This fight has always been about learning from those that actually live next to a casino. I want to hear how a huge casino impacted the local resident, testimony from Elaine Bono is so powerful.

The legislatures need to listen to her (even if the Middleboro BOS won't)

Right now is an opportunity for the Government to do something RIGHT.

IF they agree to vote "NO" on the slots it will reassure all the communities that the Gov. actually does care and is trying to act in the best interest of those they represent.

A BIG Thank you to Elaine Bono for taking the time to make a difference!