Monday, March 23, 2009

Tail of the Dog

"Those who can't lead, install slot machines."
- Gladys

And, apparently, those who can't lead or install slots - aren't above asking for a handout."

From Wicked Local West Bridgewater comes this sad tale of slots and mitigation.

It appears that if the slots come to Raynham, West Bridgewater's leadership will be standing at the ready with a thoroughly greased and open palm.

For the record, I knew about this last year, but was hoping it was just a bad dream. West Bridgewater has been a real leader on the Regional Casino Task Force.
“I think for a smalltown, we seem to take a leadership role for things happening in this region,” Albanese said.
In fact, to his credit, Selectman Albanese offered some harsh words for how Middleboro had proceeded down it's casino road by taking a vote on the casino first and asking questions later.

And so it's unfortunate that this small town board with a self-professed reputation for REGIONAL leadership doesn't feel an equal responsibility to ask the hard questions about a revenue generator sucking paychecks out of REGIONAL pockets by means of one of the mostly highly addictive devices there is.
“Slots at the dog track could be very positive, but must be done with caution and be well thought out to make sure the town isn’t affected negatively,” said Selectman Chairman Jerry D. Lawrence.
“We know we’ll have a good watch dog to make sure West Bridgewater gets our piece of the pie,” Lawrence said of (Albanese).
I dunno, folks. Maybe now that Middleboro's casino has finally been spayed and neutered, I should change the name of this blog from Middleboro's Nosey Neighbor to Cranberry Country's Nosey Neighbor, or Metro South's Nosey Neighbor, or The South Shore's Nosey Neighbor.

Because wherever there are pie-sniffing 'watch dogs' pawing at slot machine payouts... there will always be the need for dog videos.


Anonymous said...

All I can think of to say is "WOW!"

Thanks for posting this.

Carl said...

The revenue at any cost crowd strikes again. They just want the gravy train rolling. This one is run on Kool- Aid.


Gladys Kravitz said...

Honestly, Carl - just when you think that our region might finally be beginning to leave those dark days of dinosaur leadership, the days of David Flynn (D - slots) and Marc Pacheco (D - tracks) behind and walk into the 21st century...

It's like a scene from the Andromeda Strain. The scientist with an IQ of 200 gets transfixed by the little red blinking light and fails to see the horrible alien death bacteria growing in the petri dish.

Run for your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Statewide momentum and comprehension of predatory gambling and the cost of addiction is growing but the mushroom cloud hovers over the region!

How sad!

Anonymous said...

I love the first line of your blog.

You could have a field day with that's mine:

"Those who can't budget install slot machines."

I love it!

You should do a blog asking people to fill in the blank...

"Those who can't _______, install slot machines."

or some variation of that.

I bet people would have a great time with it!

Nocasino said...

Those who can't raise campaign cash,install slot machines.

Isn't that right Mr.Cahill?

Anonymous said...

Those without a conscience, install slot machines.