Friday, March 13, 2009

Section 7 - The Dead Parrot Clause

In case you missed it, I got this comment on my previous blog:

Dear Aunt Gladys,

We attended this evening's Middleboro Candidates' Night and are confused.

Maybe you could explain.

We printed Carcieri v Salazar like responsible citizens. We read the entire decision and discussed it to ensure our accurate comprehension.

To us, the Mashpee Wampanoag Mega Middleboro Casino is DEAD.

DEAD like the poor parrot.

If you had attended Middleboro's Candidates' Night, they seem to exist in another dimension of time or space. Maybe Rod Serling could explain.

There seem to be casino supporters who still believe the future plan exists.

There was no one else we could turn to for advice.

Is it something in the Middleboro water?

Is this just denial?
Ok, apparently there is either still a lot of denial or further need for review.

Let's break it down.

As we know, there are four ways that OFF-RESERVATION land taken into trust for Indian Tribes can be used for gaming (those are the operative words).

These are known as "exceptions" to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) - and they permit gaming (with certain restrictions) on new or off-reservation land when the land in trust qualifies under that Act's definition as:
  • Restored Lands
  • Part of a Land Claim
  • A Two-Part Determination
  • An Initial Reservation
The Mashpee Wampanoag's application for Land in Trust would fall under the Initial Reservation exception according to the definitions of IGRA. In fact, the Tribe is actually asking for TWO Initial Reservations - a very unusual move - one in Mashpee and one in Middleboro.

Now, let's switch gears and take a look at Section 7 of the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA). Keep in mind, the Mashpee Wampanoag currently have no reservation. They have no other land into trust. They are applying to take NEW land into trust.
SEC. 7
The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to proclaim new Indian reservations on lands acquired pursuant to any authority conferred by this Act, or to add such lands to existing reservations: Provided, That lands added to existing reservations shall be designated for the exclusive use of Indians entitled by enrollment or by tribal membership to residence at such reservations.
Notice that this is where the IRA gives the Secretary of the Interior the power to to issue a “Reservation Proclamation” to establish an initial reservation.

But wait! The Supreme Court recently ruled that the IRA does not apply to Tribes which were Federally recognized after 1934.

The Mashpee Wampanoag were Federally recognized in February of 2007.

Therefore, since the Mashpee Wampanoag no longer fall under the IRA's umbrella, the SOI cannot hand them an initial reservation, and so obviously the tribe cannot game under the initial reservation exception of IGRA.

See? You need part of one Act to qualify, for part of another Act. In other words,

No reservation proclamation = No initial reservation = No IGRA = No Casino!

But what about Tribes claiming that they should all be on equal footing? Won't that be a compelling argument to change the law?

Well, I'm preparing a blog to explain the original intent of the IRA, so that you'll see clearly, like the folks at the Supreme Court did, that it was never meant to be all things to all Tribes.

Ok, but what happens if, say, the Mashpee Wampanoag keep wheeling out that heartwarming bushwah about meeting the Pilgrims and Congress passes an Act to put the land into trust? Well, all that means is that they've got a whole lot of swampy land-in-trust - because they still can't get a reservation proclamation from the SOI because, you guessed it, the IRA still won't apply to them.

But, you ask, what if Congress reforms the IRA to include Tribes Federally recognized after 1934? As in changing "Now" to be defined as "Now and hereafter".

Well, believe it or not, this is a good thing. Governor’s all across this country will unite to force Congress to uphold the 14th Amendment, which requires States to provide equal protection under the law to all people within their jurisdictions.

And, after years of watching the Federal government take land off State tax rolls and exempt it from regulations, States are excited about the potential for opening up the land into trust process for public discussion - which has never happened before!

As we know, the only public comment period for land into trust has been during the EIS preparation period. Currently, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Administrative branch of the government, controls that information. By opening up the process for review, it will then be in the hands of the Legislative branch.

In other words, suddenly there's that magic word, transparency. And now, instead of having the public's concerns simply redlined as "N/A", the world will hear about mega casinos being built on delicate eco-systems in residential backyards, and of corruption, reservation shopping, done deals, rushed agreements and all sorts of other good stuff.

And here's something a lot of people don't know, pressure will also be coming from tribes who benefit from the IRA, but do not, nor wish to, build a casino. They, too, know that a review of the IRA will adversely affect the Act.

For Tribes, investors, and entrenched bureacrats - this would be like opening Pandora's box.

Which is ok with me.

And finally, the truth is, you can’t just reform the part of the IRA you don’t like. The whole Act is subjected to review under the current laws. They will do more to damage to the Act as a whole in trying to “fix” one part.

So, I hope that will help explain the putrid odor of decomposing ex-parrot coming from the vicinity of Precinct Street.

Please feel free to print it out and send it along, perhaps with a pair of reading glasses (still only $1.50 at Ocean State) to your favorite elected officials, candidates for office, and others still living in a chronic State of Denial.


Barry said...


I am getting more confident that "this parrot wouldn't voom if I put four thousand volts through it". Thank you for your in-depth explanation.

Gladys Kravitz said...

He he he.

Thanks Barry, I had lots of help on this one.

Hope it eases some minds, opens others.

Anonymous said...


Are you paying attention, Middleboro BoS?

How about you, Resort Advisory Committee?

Does this do it for you? Do you finally know that we are not getting a casino? What are you waiting for, a message etched on a stone tablet that was carried down from the mountaintop?

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Gladys,

Thank you for an explanation that makes sense.

Even the reading glasses don't seem to be helping the Middleboro BOS, poor dears!

We will send them our copy though.

Thank you for always being there when we need you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You mean there are still casino supporters that don't believe the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT???

and they still think with all the state governors all for it and the 14th AMENDMENT on it's own merits won't be upheld by CONGRESS! THE 14TH AMENDMENT!! FOR GOD'S SAKE.

I just can't believe it. I can't.
Don't tell me there are people out there in 2009 still that ignorant, please!

Anonymous said...

After reading Carcieri which is not my idea of creative writing that I would choose to read -- give me a tawdry Jacqueline Susann novel any day over Clarence Thomas! it is baffling that any hope is retained.

The ones who got cheated are the Tribe and they don't seem to understand.

They don't own the land but have to pay the taxes.

They have to pay the town $250K a year.

They have no way out of the IGA they have with Middleboro.

They got screwed with all those law firms and lobbyists and PR people and Stephen Graham collecting his mega bucks and on and on that was reported in the Cape Cod Times.

If the casino doesn't go through by a date that has been redacted, they have to pay it all back to the investors. The Cape Cod Times reported that the investors gave the Tribe $4 million last year. Do the Tribal members even have an accounting of the money?

Are the Tribal members even asking what that date is?

Do they even know the terms that Glenn Marshall obligated them to repay?

Will they be personally obligated?
Will they loose the land in Mashpee?

These aren't questions for us to answer, but the Tribe doesn't even seem to be asking them, except for Amelia Bingham.

One of the problems of rushing this kind of a deal through is the lack of public scrutiny and discussion.

It looks like the Tribe more than Middleboro followed Glenn Marshall down the Yellow Brick Road and they haven't figured it out yet.

Raymond Tolosko said...

Anon 8:47 is so right.

The tribe got royally screwed in this deal. The investors literally chewed them up and now are spitting them out.

As far as the BOS goes, they're about 11 eggs short of a dozen. They just don't get it, they NEVER will get it and REFUSE to get it. What makes it disgraceful is that they are in charge of (mis)leading a town! The fact that they continue to discuss the casino coming is really beyond denial and borders on frank negligence. They have failed to do DUE DILIGENCE from day one.

Really, the whole thing is such a shame. There are no winners in this whole mess, a whole lot of enemies were made and the investors just slithered away, unscathed, letting the Stewards of the Land bear the financial burden.
How do you like that for business partners?

Hey BOS, time to come out of the twilight zone's ALL over.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Jacquie, I'm going to disagree with you (for once).

Your analogy of the investor snakes slithering unscathed is brilliant, and you know I think the Middleboro Board - ALL SEVEN OF THEM PAST AND PRESENT - are actually 12 eggs short of a dozen.

And I agree, the Tribe was USED, most certainly, it was used.

But, every year, they'll get millions of tax-free help from the tax-payers to off-set whatever money they keep funneling to Middleboro and whatever bills they have outstanding.

What do the folks who lost friends in Middleboro get? Do they get their sense of community or even their sense of security back?

I'll never forget the lady who came to Bridgewater to help collect signatures for petitions who was terrified when she thought some limo-busses parked in the lot were from the same company as those used in Middleboro by the pro-casino movement.

Or the lady whose car was spit on at the supermarket because of it's NO CASINO bumpersticker.

Or all the folks who moved or are planning on moving because of the
rift this casino insanity had on their town.

They lived in a beautiful town and were left with ugly memories.

Do they get a bailout?

What about me? I got a death threat thanks this issue and the lovely people it attracted. I spent almost two years of my life fighting intimidation, indifference and lies. For what? A casino? Where's my bailout?

Did the Tribe know about any of this? Are they so dis-connected and distant, both historically and recently to the Middleboro region that they had no idea of what their incredibly unnecessary casino was doing to it?

And what about the eco system? Stewards of the land? Yeah, Ok. Sure. Save it for Congress.

I grew up with stories of Native Americans as heroes. Do I get that innocence back. Do any of us?

In the Gazette last week was a photograph in the Obituary column of a man who'd killed himself over gambling debts shortly before this whole thing started. A man with strong ties in both Middleboro and Bridgewater. Just like me.

I'd always known about him but this was the first time I'd seen his face.

This is what happens when predatory gambling creeps ever closer to our lives. It needs to be kept in a test tube like Las Vegas, away from easy access to our lives

For governments across this country to seek profit financially from addictive gambling devices like slot machines is repulsive to me as an American.

The Tribe, like everyone else pro or anti realizes, on some level, the human cost of predatory gambling.

And everyone who ignores it has their own reason.

I don't feel sorry for the Tribe. They'll pick up and move on. Most of us will.

As for me, I'll take away many valuable lessons from this experience. I don't believe it's ever a waste of time when you arm yourself with the facts, shield yourself with the truth and become a fighter in a war with predators.

And I'm appreciative of that. I hope everyone on both sides will find something positive in the end.

Only the snakes get to remain unscathed.

Anonymous said...


Talk about DUE DILIGENCE --

It makes me wonder if Cristello is part of it.

Steve Spataro made a stupid comment about Town Manager candidates during the Candidates' Night.

Hey, Flying Monkeys -- were you paying attention?

What Steve Spataro said was that he held out for the town manager.

Do you remember what he did? Were any single one of you paying attention?

Steve Spataro and Patrick Rogers WOULD HAVE voted for D'Agostino -- the current Town Manager from Mansfield, supported by Bob Saquet, owner of Eggers Furniture and Town Moderator from Mansfield -- not particularly popular if you check the Mansfield blog.

We have friends in Mansfield that you FMs should talk to. With Cabot, Cabot & Forbes, Mansfield should be sittin' pretty and thumbin' its nose to you. It's not sittin' pretty because of the fiscal disaster that D'Agostino created.

Steve Spataro, the FMs' hero, would have supported D'Agostino because Spataro was too lazy to find the lawsuit and judgement against the town of Mansfield (and, incidentally, against D'Agostino PERSONALLY - an unheard of judicial decision).

Casino hero Spataro would have saddled Middleboro with a town manager who brought with him a sexual harassment lawsuit and judgement and a previous questionable history because of Spatero's own laziness.

Because so much was being blogged about D'Agostino, ABomb did a scant amount of research. ABomb made some stupid and untrue comments about a confidentiality agreement which didn't exist, but at least he was reading the blogs.

Those are the blogs that BTW Pat Rogers and Steve Spataro haven't yet discovered.

We know that Roger Brunelle has found them because his tune about his PTWS has changed and he's passing the info along to wifey.

So, Flying Monkeys -
Re-elect Steve Spataro, who would have brought you a town manager with a long history of controversy, and a SEXUAL HARASSMENT JUDGEMENT AGAINST MANSFIELD and prove how uninformed you truly are.

Sorry to hijack you blog, Gladys. I love you dearly, but last night's Candidates' Night and Steve Spataro's uninformed cheerleaders really got to me. I sat silently and simmered.

Jacquie's right. Thanks for being there for us.

Anonymous said...

Why I don't/can't feel sorry for the Mashpee Wamponoag's Tribe:

They will get, as every other tribe w/sovereign nation status, millions of tax free dollars from the government, not making any statements that they souldn't get it, but am saying I can't feel sorry for them due to this. Believe me it's millions and it's every year. AND, it's all unaccountalbe, even though it's been ear marked for their list of expenses.

This is the main reason so many tribes want this status, if a casino is thrown in, it's their bonus, and they all know they have to pay back the investers for as much they sold their culture out for. They make the deal like any other business deal.

Raymond Tolosko said...

Hear Hear Gladys!

The investors preyed on the vulnerability of the tribe and ignorance of the town, but we're all adults here, and we're all for accountable for our behavior.

If the tribe had just listened to Amelia or the town had just listened to us to SLOW DOWN
(remember, "WHAT"S THE RUSH?" ). We would have had a different unified outcome.

Listening, a powerful word that is so hard for some to do. It must be when one gets into a political position that the ears turn off and the power of the gavel takes over.

I don't feel sorry for anyone (including myself). Events happen in life. One chooses how to react, and those actions either give you strength or weaken you.

I know I sleep soundly at night.

Justice will be served and those who did wrong will pay their dues. Truth always prevails in the end.

The casino fiasco is over. Now it's about picking up the pieces of a crumbled town (and region), electing a new board and trying to get Middleboro back on it's right path.

I just hope that can happen, for the sake of those who still live in the town.

You're right Gladys, it was a beautiful town before the debacle started. I have great memories and will choose to just remember those times. But I refuse to become bitter over what happened, that just allows those who caused all the wrong-doing to win in other ways.

Anonymous said...

Jacquie - you are right.

The tribe was victimized by the investors. Marshall and company hijacked the tribe, changed the tribe's constitution, and signed the deal with the investors.

Same as what happened here in Middleboro. This town was victimized by the BoS. They made the same kind of decisions with the same disregard for the people they represented.

Middleboro and the tribe also had scumbags who supported the casino, and others who were vehemently opposed.

But to take such a harsh position against the tribe? Gladys, I understand what you have experienced while fighting this casino. Yes, it's unfair. But it is the same for anyone who stands up for what is right. And sometimes, people lose more than thier innocence.

I just find it a shame that this experience has left you so angry and bitter. You seem to have adopted the hatred that you have been subjected to from the pro casino idiots. Not something that I would have expected from such a beautiful, talented lady.

It sounds like I am being critical, but I'm a fan who is disappointed at what this has taken from you; what you've allowed to be taken from you. If you continue on this vein, you will be giving the pro side the biggest victory of all. I can't watch that happen without comment.

We have all lost so much and we won't get it back. Acknowledge what was lost, let go of the bitterness and the anger, pick up the pieces and move on.

Words of wisdom from John Dryden:

The intoxication of anger, like that of the grape, shows us to others, but hides us from ourselves.

PS - I am just as guilty of that of which I accuse, and I DO include myself in this admonishment. Live and learn, right?

Anonymous said...

Candidates' Night was like watching those parrots believing their friend will burst back into life.
After all this time, those who support the now defunct project couldn't even provide dollar values of the impacts because it's never been done.
These are supposedly well educated people, including a CPA who blindly support something without numbers and instead of calling for budget cuts, they're waiting for that $7 million. How pathetic is that?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 7:51,

I take a harsh position against everyone who lead a charge in this travesty. They knew what they were doing.

And, as far as being angry and bitter - if you want to think of me that way, knock yourself out - but at least I've managed to find humor in this debacle every single day.

I've also been blessed to meet some of the MOST amazingly wonderful people along the way. I will take much good away from this experience.

But you know, sometimes anger is the appropriate emotion. In fact, it's a cornerstone of grassroots activism.

Like when you hear that you have no choice but to accept a casino in your backyard. Because it gets you off the couch and drives you to meetings in strange places and compels you to sacrifice a lot of your time so that you can look people in the eye and tell them with complete honesty that IT AIN'T COMIN'.

"adopted hatred"?

Does Jon Stewart hate Jim Cramer? No of course not. But he's rightfully angry and he holds Cramer accountable for the things he's done and the real people who were hurt by it - and he does it while giving the rest of us a much needed laugh. Good for him. Good for us. I hope that's how I've been for the anti-casino crowd.

"Be not intimidated... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice." --John Adams.

An ex-selectman was on the radio the other day re-writing history (again.) People are going to do that, to move on and pretend it never happened.

I'm not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance the Wampanoags could obtain a special dispensation from Congress?I'm like doubting Thomas.Its hard to believe its over.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Congress could give them LIT, but they'd still need the reservation proclamation. In this instance Congress can't overturn the Supreme Court.

I realize that this situation has left many of us feeling that Indian Tribes, investors, etc. have all the power and will find a way to get their casinos one way or the other.

I've outlined in this post why it is extremely unlikely that the Wampanoags will get any special treatment from Congress.

And you can make a special dispensation even less likely by writing to your congressmen, (TODAY!)- all of them - a strongly worded letter as to why they shouldn't get one.

Like a Carcieri insider recently told me, "change isn't coming. Change is here."

Raymond Tolosko said...


You're not bitter, you're feisty.

...and I thank God that you were and still are!

Anonymous said...

How can you "let it go" when you have someone on the radio every week reminding you about "it"
Talk about beating a dead horse!
If it isin't the casino, it's his old, use to be best friends, Board of Selectmen.

Call in his show and ask him to "let it go"

Gladys Kravitz said...

I'd like to second that emotion.

Anonymous said...

That ex-selectmam wouldn't be the one who called casino opponents 'braying mules' would it?

Then claimed the reporter misquoted him and said it again a few days later.

'xcept I called the reporter and asked. She didn't misquote him.

One of the reasons blogging is important is to record the accurate history to prevent delusional clowns from recreating it.

That applies not only to this delusional clown who seems to have convinced many of his pure motives [doubtful even in the best circumstances], but to the rest of the delusional clowns like Steve Spataro who would like you to believe he accomplished more than warming a seat every Monday evening at the BOS meetings.

Or Wayne Perkins, but I won't go there now.

Anonymous said...

Mention of a certain town resident set me to wondering about the image.

This is what came to mind ---

"Narcissus looks at his own reflection in a river and suddenly falls in love with himself. He can think of nothing and no one else. He pines away, leaning perpetually over the pool, until finally he perishes."

Anonymous said...

at the image of abomb.
What's even funnier is his disciples! How naive can you be? Leader? I think not! Blowhard?

Anonymous said...

There was an article in the Gazette about how CRAC planned to continue their 'work' whatever that is, until someone tells them to stop.
Does anyone know what their 'work' is?
Is their information posted anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52,
The other day driving by the herring run on Wareham St. I did a double take and asked myself, why is that "former Middleboro selectmen" sitting there staring into the fish ladder. I thought he was just fishing!

Anon 8:15,
Your comment that the supporters can not provide dollar amounts for impacts because the research was never done reminded me of something.

You know how your kids magically know everything about the world when they reach a certain age in the teen years and think you're just a big dope who knows nothing? How many parents have heard, "when I turn 18 I'm moving outta here and getting my own place". We brush that off cause we know the truth. Once they discover the costs of rent, utilities, buying a vehicle, car insurance, groceries, and various other expenses, they tend to change their attitude.

I think the casino supporters think 7 million dollars is more than enough to cover any and all impacts. Maybe if they did their homework and completed the proper impact studies, they too might change their attitude.

We don't have to mitigate any impacts without a casino. Why create impacts by building one and then hoping we have enough money to cover the costs? We would all like to have a windfall and receive a large sum of money and we dream what it would be like. For most of us it never happens but we go on and we still function without it. The same is true for the town of Middleboro. It was fun for the BOS to daydream about all the wonderful things they could do with 7 million dollars. But the daydream is over and the Town of Middleboro will continue to function without the 7 million dollars we never had in the first place.

P.S. Gladys, you ARE fiesty, and ever since you mentioned Gladys the Casino Slayer in one of your blogs, I keep getting this image of you dressed up like Xena Warrior Princess!
Hubba hubba! ;o)

Gladys Kravitz said...

Smoking Owl,

How ironic, I am wearing my thigh-high, lace-up, black leather boots at the computer at this very moment.

Thanks for making my day.


Nocasino said...

Speaking of the X selectman. When is he going to come forward with the information on the members of the BOS who have been co-opted by the tribe? I think the only one who is attempting to co-opt anyone is the X selectman himself.

He is starting to sound like O.J. looking for the killer. Local politicians should be avoiding this clown like the plague.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Nocasino, I don't see anything that he followed to completion. At least he had the courtesy to resign in time to get it on the April ballot, unlike Wiksten whose resignation caused a special election that brought Spataro to us.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to like dead parrots!

A lot!

Anonymous said...

Smoking Owl,

Next time you see that X selectman looking into the water, please call
me at

508 NoC-asino and I'll come running!

I'll gladly push!

As for children - quite right! That's who we voted for, isn't it? Adolescents? That's who Abomb campaigned for, right?

Only the naive and gullible have failed to figure out that he's a divider who thrives on insults and negativity. He's not a leader and has never been. Braying Donkeys, anyone?

Xena? Hot! And with that No Casino tshirt? Even Hotter! ;0) Just wish my "hot" hadn't sagged to my knees!

Dead parrots are the best news Mboro has to offer!

Anonymous said...

The ComCast broadcast of Candidates' Night just ended and the discussion about the casino has left me without words. They still believe it's coming?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Maybe we should stop with the reading glasses and make with some actual dead parrots.

(Just kidding, MSPCA!)

I'm at a disadvantage since we don't get the broadcast here. If I can see the video, I can line-item for the candidates why IT AIN'T COMIN'.

Anonymous said...

Just to give the other side of the coin, in regards to the warm fuzzy story of meeting the Pilgrims. This is what the Wompanoags did some 55 years later.

Brief Chronology of King Philip's War
29 John Sassamon dies at Assawampsett Pond.

8 Sassamon's alleged murderers are executed at Plymouth.

11 Wampanoags are reported in arms near Swansea.

14-25 Rhode Island, Plymouth, and Massachusetts authorities attempt negotiation with Philip and seek guarantees of fidelity from Nipmucks and Narragansetts.

24 Wampanoags begin attacking Swansea.

26 Massachusetts troops march to Swansea to join Plymouth troops.

26-29 Wampanoags attack Rehoboth and Taunton, elude colonial troops, and leave Mount Hope for Pocasset.

Mohegans travel to Boston and offer to fight on the English side.

8-9 Wampanoags attack Middleborough and Dartmouth.

Fiferstone's Lt. Col.

Anonymous said...


We watched last night, too and it was like all of the discussion 2 years ago 'it's coming, it's inevitable, blah, blah....'

There's something in the water!

You don't have to line item - they just believe it's coming!

It was like a Revival Meeting - you know where everyone stands up and intones together? Except the casino crowd sat together and it was as if they got up and intoned together "Praise the casino!"

Anonymous said...

The facts have been presented. They're still in denial.

Anonymous said...

This entire issue remains muddled by those who fail to question.

Many willingly accepted the inaccurate claims of the Wampanoags historical ties, which the previous post explains.

That failure to question or reason through the consequences has continued. Even Steve Spataro at Candidates' Night believes the positives outweigh the negatives. How does he know?

Even the current economic conditions, the default by the investors in RI, SCOTUS is denied by supporters.

The Tribal leadership perpetuated the fantasy, first by saying they would resume their land claim against Mashpee which surely made friends on the Cape, and now the 'business plan' talk.

No Tribal members are publicly questioning the agreement signed by Glen Marshal or ever asking about the terms.

Since the investors had better legal representation than the Tribe, the terms of repayment must be solid and enforceable.

The IGA with Mboro has no way out for the Tribe.

Never have I witnessed so many failing to question.

Anonymous said...

Doubt and questioning is a curious thing that would have been more important 2 years ago.

How are people convinced of something when they don't have the details?

That was true of the initial rush to accept the 'inevitable' and it's more true now since clearly few have read SCOTUS.

Anonymous said...

My cat has some squeaky toys that are birds and it is tempting to send them, but I don't want to penalize my cat, the BOS wouldn't 'get it' and they need the glasses more.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to understand why the Mashpee Wampanoags think they have historical ties to Middleboro.
At the time the Pilgrims landed, the area which is now Plymouth was abandoned because a plague wiped out the Patuxet tribe of Wampanoags that inhabited the area.

The area which became Middleboro was under the jurisdiction of the Pocasset Wampanoags who had a village in this area called Nemasket, which was under control of the Sachem Tispaquin, who was Massasoit's son-in-law and King Phillip's brother-in-law. It is believed that Tispaquin was behind the death of John Sassamon. It was also Tispaquin who carried out the raids against the settlers in the Nemasket area.

That's a very extremely brief history of Wampanoags in the Middleboro area.

Not once in any research I've done was the term "Mashpee Wampanoag" ever mentioned in conjunction with the early colonial history of Middleboro. In fact documents from the Pilgrims themselves mention the area tribes as the "Massasoits" (actually Massasoit's Pocasset tribe) and the Nauset of Cape Cod.

Anonymous said...

Weren't the Mashpee Wampanoag a
19th century creation by the Commonwealth?

Anonymous said...


We just endured watching the BOS meeting.

What can we do to convince you that we need your voice in Mboro to rid us of this Board of Clowns?

Marsha assured us she was doing nothing underhanded. Now, that's plausible, right?

When publicly confronted with the Cape Cod Times quote about meeting with the Tribe, Cristello said he'd have to check his calendar.

He's beginning to sound like a Harvard Healey clone.

It's hard to believe Hingham would have put up with this. Well, he did screw up the Special Town Meeting by presenting information at the last minute.

Tankman doesn't feel that the Board is up to its full capacity without the missing member. Huh?

Are voters watching this?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Gosh, how I miss the Middleboro Board of Denial.

How can I help?

I've tried editorials.

I've tried the blogs.

I've tried newsletters.

I've tried testimony.

I've tried reading glasses (you're still sending them, right?)

I'd be happy to show up with my "It ain't comi'n" trucker hat, my NO CASINO tank top, my worn out ruby slippers and a stuffed dead parrot on my shoulder, and read the Carcieri decision and it's repercussions to them, if you'd think it would help.

(Sigh.) I'll think of something...

Anonymous said...

There seems to be little hope for this Board. With Cristello lying about meeting with the Tribe, it's a Wayne Perkins/Jack Healey duo. To anyone who's paying attention, why trust this Board or the Town Manager?

Anonymous said...

The tribe is posturing. The only way to prove they were under federal jurisidction is if they had a treaty with the government.

They didn't.

They were under state jursidiction. Always have been.

The person who posted here and asked if the tribe was a state created tribe is absolutely right. They were citizens of the Town of Mashpee, which was considered an "Indian District". But the point is: they were citizens! Complete with full protection of our laws, and the right to vote.

The history books say so.

The Final Determination of the tribe's historical status (as defined by our FEDERAL government) says so.

They have no right to the benefits of the IRA (as Gladys will prove when she completes her research).

The tribe isn't telling it like it is.

And the media is supporting the lies by reporting them. God forbid a reporter should have to check the facts.

Besides all that.....

Middleboro didn't need the SC decision in order to stop this casino. If RI had lost this case, and the tribe was granted full access to the IRA, we STILL wouldn't get a casino. There are no historical ties to the land. And even if they change the regulations, they can't change the fact that the tribe has already historically tied themselves to Mashpee. (See Carver Chicks blog, "The Ties That Bind".)

When will the Middleboro BoS start checking the law for answers, and stop reading the newspapers?

I am so sick of the colossal mistakes of our leadership. Never have I seen so many mistakes made by so few.

Anonymous said...

8:43, thanks for that great explanation!

After last night's bos meeting, there seems to be more to this matter beyond the Dead Parrot.
The new town manager seems to be as sleazy as the past town manager in his secret meetings.

First he publicly denied meeting with the tribe. Then the Cape Cod Times reported he was meeting with the tribe.

Then he says he has to check his calendar and is defensive that his meetings don't come under the Open Meeting Law, which no one suggested. There is certainly a suggestion that he is meeting with the tribe in an attempt to circumvent the Open Meeting Law.

Charlie thinks the town will put up with that?

There is also a "suggestion" that at least one selectmen has also been present at those meetings.

When the Gavel Queen tells you what the Open Meeting Law says it might mean that she has recently reviewed the law because of her foggy memory (or Roger told her what it said) and it's sudden importance in sleazy town dealings.

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that the town, the bos, the town manager or the tribe should be discussing now that can't be discussed in PUBLIC - AT A PUBLICLY POSTED MEETING.

When Marsha assures you nothing secret is going on, be veeeerrrry

You might want to share some of your concerns and don't forget to send the bos some glasses ---

Office of the State Secretary
Public Records Division
One Ashburton Place, 17th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office
Mary Lee, Assistant District Attorney
32 Belmont Street
P.O. Box 1665
Brockton, MA 02301

Office of Attorney General
Martha Coakley
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Office of the Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Secretary of the Department of the Interior
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20240

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20240

Massachusetts Ethics Commission
One Ashburton Place
John W. McCormack Building
Room 619 Boston, MA 02108

Anonymous said...

Waponoag's met with casino investor Len Wolman and a representative of Sol Kerzner to get assurances that the pair of South African casino moguls are committed to proceeding with the Middleboro project.

HOLD THE PHONE, I thought we had an agreement that all work/contracts/employment would go through Middleboro first?

I know people at Parson's, Turner, Richmond, Gilbane, Bovis, CDI, Jacobs etc...

What is up with that? A South African casino mogul running the show with vendors from Rhode Island sounds like a breach of contract to me.

It is not over.