Monday, January 26, 2009

Adam Resigns



Nocasino said...

A step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

4 more might make me happy....

Jacquie said...

Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Gone where the goblins go. Below.

Anonymous said...

Turn on the BOS meeting and look and listen to what we are left with. Rogers just needed a minute to check his notes. He thought he was going to be seated to the right not in the hot seat. Spataro hasn't spoken since Adam left the room. Charlie hasn't entered since that time. omg. be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm.too easy.something machiavellian going on?

Anonymous said...

whats dumbphilies connection to the tribe?

Gladys Kravitz said...

I just read the breaking news stories - obviously Bond needed to go out grandstanding, proclaiming his devotion to the town.


Anyone who thinks Adam cares about the town can ask why he felt Article III - that the town didn't WANT a casino - was irrelevant in the selectmen's letter to the DOI.

That and a lot of things.

Do a search on Bond on this blog to see if you think he's a white knight.

This was PR.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is good or bad.

What I do know is that this current situation is a mess.

We have a felon run tribe moving in to 500 acres and a BOS who cannot get along.

This is embarassing.

Nocasino said...


I can't wait until he tries to speak at a BOS meeting is gaveled to silence.

Those little town blues are melting away....

Anonymous said...

This situation is no longer comical. It is downright dangerous for this town. I blame each and every person who has been a member of the board of selectmen for the last five years as well as every person who wore that orange t-shirt that said Vote Yes for Middleboro's future - well you did, and you are going to get what you voted for. Not that I don't think that AB is still a sheep in wolf's clothing, but at least he was somewhat intelligent. He just did not always do the right thing for this community. Now, well everyone in this community had better wake up and demand leadership from someone!

Anonymous said...

We have now what we always had before, we had what we didn't need, someone that had his own agenda from the get go.

Middleboro, with now two seats open, all you residents need to put your vote where your mouth is! Another chance for a change! Get out and vote!!

carverchick said...

I am speechless...

just when I thought that this entire train wreck couldn't possibly get more soap does.

Is there still anyone out there who actually thinks this casino is a good thing for Middleboro or the surrounding communities - or actually believes there is a good relationship between the Mashpee Tribe, the investors, and the Town of Middleboro?



Anonymous said...

***Referring to my comment at 9:58 - I meant that AB is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I guess I was too shocked, surprised, etc. to get my thought out correctly. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9:58 PM,
It wasn't just board members for the last 5 years. There were others involved behind the scenes.

Fiferstone said...

The inmates are now running the asylum. I personally feel that Adam thought this could be a good economic development opportunity for the town if "done right" (I never agreed with him on that), and I do believe his articulate support for the project convinced many who would otherwise have been undecided. Unfortunately for him, this project shows no signs of being "done right" (it never did, to many of us), he has learned that his influence on the board is strictly limited (a board he helped to assemble). Most unfortunately for us, the remaining board members, for whatever reason (they don't share their reasons with us either collectively or individually) are unwilling to discuss the IGA with the tribe or its backers. Keep holding on to those 30 pieces of silver, guys!

Adam, if you're serious about screaming from the outside, welcome aboard. We've all got a few addresses for you, start writing.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice how quickly Marsha reached for that gavel?
It must make her feel right at home.

Smoking Owl said...

I criticized Adam Bond as much as anybody for things he said or didn't say and things he did or failed to do. But at least he was capable of intelligent thought.

Middleboro is in dire straights with the remaining idiots on the BOS running the show.

Now is the time for Adam to tell all he knows about selectmen's relationships with casino lobbyists, investors, and the Tribe. Stand up now Adam and do the right thing.

There are now two BOS seats available. Middleboro residents, let's not squander this opportunity. Pay attention to the candidates and get out and vote. Vote for change, vote for responsible town government, VOTE FOR MIDDLEBORO'S FUTURE!


Anonymous said...

Frankenstein was a more honest, kinder, gentler, sincere, kind of guy, and look what the village idiots did to him.

Mr. Bond your frustrated, exasperated, discouraged with your BOS. Welcome to the world of the anti-casino people. Just deserts!

Gladys Kravitz said...

Mr. Bond is more intelligent than the rest, but he used his intelligence to manipulate anyone he could. He is more intelligent than the rest, but like the rest, he lacks empathy. He is more intelligence than the rest, but his ego overshadowed them, the job, the town and the whole region.

When he can't be chairman anymore he quits. When he's criticized he holds secret meetings, and uses other people to intimidate his critics.

Middleboro was never going to get better with him on the job. But it now has two chances to get better by electing a couple of intelligent, empathetic, altruistic grownups to fill those seats.

Good luck, Middleboro.

Jacquie said...

Is Adam intelligent? Yes, but in a manipulative and self-serving way. Does every motive he has need to be questioned? Absolutely, including this one. I do not believe that Adam's actions are done for the best interest of the community. His actions are done for the best interest of Adam.
What happened yesterday was just plain drama for drama's sake. He has a plan, and I think it's the beginning of his ticket out of Middleborough. He knows the investors are gone and there is no money left. Adam sees $$$$$ signs, plain and simple.
If Adam was so interested in the community, he would have listened when we truly needed him- at the beginning of this whole nightmare. His change of heart this late in the game is just not believable at all.

Anonymous said...

1. Kid yourself not, the age of Middleboro's innocence in gone.
2. I don't care where the trash goes as long as it doesn't stay in Middleboro.
3. Everyone has skeletone's in the closet--I still trust this man (comment about Glen Marshall)
4. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: These people are idiots if they vote against this agreement.

Are these the comments from an educated, concerned about "all" residents of Middleboro, fair, man? Unfortunately after having to listen and watching, and also checking out this man,(something he should have done before comment #3), for over a year, the only answer is NO!
If you believe him NOW, your as gullible as the rest of his followers. He burned his bridges for me, knowing what I know, what I've seen, he will never have my trust, he is not trustworthy, he is a Trojan horse, beware!

Anonymous said...

There are other educated, well spoken, men and woman in this town who have also dedicated their time to do good for this town and it's residents through the many Middleboro organizations. Why are we concentrating and supporting someone that has failed us and turning what was a circus before, now into a freak show! Let him go!
We have others to pick from! Use your time and energy to encourage them to take on the reigns of leadership.
I don't understand "jumping on his band wagon" now??? Let him go!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8:10 AM
You forgot calling casino opponents braying mules and comparing opposition to Sovereign Rights to Nazism.

Anonymous said...

Now is not the time to stop writing letters and raising more issues.
Now more than ever, this needs to be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Even braying mules have their day.

Over the last three weeks we have seen a PR move by Bond to step as far away from the IGA as possible, piss of the other board members at the same time, and cook up a half baked reason to quit. What an amazing about face.

Now that the investors have pulled out, the tribe is a shambles, and the land to trust is going nowhere, there is nothing keeping him here.

This is a victory for all those who voted yes on article III, all who questioned the blind faith our BOS, Department Heads, and CRAC comittee showed regarding the casino, all who were called racists, bigots, pedophiles, and idiots and all who love Middlborough for what it is.

I have only one more word on this.


Anonymous said...

EXIT STRATEGY 101: Get out before you're indicted. Watch the other (former) players scramble... The drama of this Macchiavelian scheme is all about the departure.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the Bond era is over! Your all right in your take on this man, if your not winning the way *you* *planned* to win, pick up your toys and go home. In this case I hope he really goes home, back to New York or Michigan.

He is one man that has both feet firmly planted in the air! Oh ya, I want to be involved with this man!

Gladys Kravitz said...

This is news:

(From the Cape Cod Times)
In early 2007, as he was running for election to a second term, Bond was approached by a citizen at a local coffee shop who broached the idea of an Indian casino in town.

Bond asked other town leaders if they would be interested in meeting with the Wampanoag, and an initial informal meeting was held in March. One month later, Middleboro auctioned 125 acres that would become a portion of the land purchased by casino developers for the proposed resort.

I'd love to know who the 'citizen' was.

Anonymous said...

Except they were already negotiating when Adam made that comment. He either didn't know or didn't want it to cloud his re-election.
Wayne Perkins acknowledged in a public meeting that they were negotiating with the tribe before the tribe had recognition. That would be about a year earlier.
This was a shady, backroom deal before the land was auctioned.

Anonymous said...

Keep looking, searching, and then reporting. After some time we learned the truth about Marshall, just maybe Bond will be the next one, after all, out of all the selectmen he has been the only one that we as a community know nothing about. When I asked over the years the same questions about him to anyone that knew him, I always got a different answer, this started when he was president of Middleboro On The Move, I was uncomfortable w/the confusing different and very vague answers from his own friends, I coulnd't help thinking, just who is the guy?, so I didn't join. Also, I am so glad, it looks like I made the right decision not to even meet him when I had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bond,
I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be good and being really wicked all this time. Why, that would be hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

As Anon: 10:49 wrote,timeline does matter, doesnt' it?

Also, I believe Adam has manipulated the role-out of his resignation.

For instance, as appears in The Enterprise article:

"Bond cited in his letter of resignation “increased concerns for the safety of my family.” Two undercover detectives who would not comment on their presence followed Bond as he left Town Hall."

How did the writer know about the "two undercover detectives"? When do detectives lose their undercover status? When it appears in a newspaper that they are undercover?
Why are there undercover detectives following Adam? Are they really detectives or are they hired lacky's? Or maybe the reporter didn't really "see" the detectives, Adam just implied to her that they were there. Was the reporter given a snow job?

Whole point is....that.....this is a joke...a comedy of errors, only very costly.

He is running tail between his legs from Middleboro, and trying to cover it up with implications that make it look like he is the victim.

Smoke screen tactics.

I wonder what he really did, and how badly he has screwed things up here.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:59 AM,
Maybe you missed this. The resident ferret/photographer..errr...I mean compassionate counselor who saw himself as director of the gambling addiction clinic, posted this:

One of the first reasons he gave for his resignation was because of his "increased concerns for the safety of my family." Bond has a license to carry a concealed weapon and has carried his .380 caliber Walther PPK-S (made famous in the James Bond novels and movies)."

Most CFOers have the brains to recognize that the casino deal is over.

There are no investors. Strather is out of $$$. Won't even pay for the Rapists' defense. Kerzner and Wolman are looking for RI to bail them out. Gee, isn't casino gambling such a great economic engine! The state sure isn't going to fund the infrastructure improvements.

Carcieri v Kempthorne will nail the coffin shut.

The deal is dead.

This sounds like VV's paranoia. Get her back on her meds ASAP!

Unless it was the IBEW that he was seen meeting with secretly.

Anonymous said...

Since we're walking down Memory Lane, I was reminded of Bond's public comments during bos meetings regarding Stephen Smith of SRPEDD and Rep. Tom Calter who had spoken out against the proposed location, both of whom were quoted in the press.
Bond was rude, arrogant, abrasive, obnoxious, hostile, nasty, ignorant, unprofessional, disrespectful and misrepresented their comments.
Oh, but wait! Isn't that how he treated casino opponents?
And when each of them appeared before the bos indicating that they knew more than he did, he turned into a rather compliant jackass.
The Bonds have alientated most in town regardless of your casino position. The only friends they seem to have left are a few CFOers. Is he using them too?

Anonymous said...

Every single flag waving casino supporter has a personal reason for doing so.
Interesting take on the future gambling addiction clinic director.
Was it merely a strange coincidence that he was present to take his photojournalist pics or a heads up? Did he get invited for pizza or was it another Klan meeting?
I wonder who he is calling a butt scratcher these days?

Anonymous said...

Everyone, either your hearing this for the first time or I'm going to remind you.
One of my good friends & her husband were in Pocasset to pick up a part for her bike, the wife went in to get it, husband stayed outside w/bikes. While inside waiting her turn to be waited on, the man at the counter and another patron were dicussing the fact that a casino would be comming to Middleboro, (she laughed at that far fetched idea), went outside and told her husband, they decided these two men were either drunk or the village idiots. This was the summer of 2006!
They were in shock when in 2007 they opened the Middleboro Gazette and there it was, all about a casino comming to Middleboro.
It is now 2009, they are still in shock they heard this story in 2006 (and laughed at it).
But they do have the last laugh, as there will not be a casino in Middleboro.

I don't get it, what makes some think a new IGA is going to make any difference? The tribe is under no obligation legally at this time to do so. Bond is looking for his escape hatch for reasons to "get out of town" as his own persoanl plans for the casino comming took a nose dive.

An election will be comming, come on fellow residents, get involved, and vote, we can and will do better! We certainly can't do any worse.

Anonymous said...

Neither of the Bonds were happy in Mboro. Too small town. Not enough of their 'kind of people.'
Glen Marshal's indictment provided a good excuse to create an exit strategy.
The behavior of the board of clowns is no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Assuming the paper's account is a Hal-rehash, did anyone else actually SEE the two "detectives?" Can anyone identify them as Middleboro cops, troopers, Feds or just bodyguard/IBEW? Or friends from Michigan? Is there any video? Does Hal have any images? Also, the "license to carry" is one of 2 things; either Hal let a secret he's been privy to out of the bag, or - more likely - he was recently fed this little gem (true or not).

Anonymous said...

Anon: 3:38 you are on to something.

You ask good questions that beg to be answered.

Creepy about the gun, though. It just creeps me out and after witnessing the various hissy fits of sir Bond, I am not taking my eyes off his package now that I know he packs. If you get my drift.

No pun intended....I do mean what he is packing vs. what is packed.

Anonymous said...

Last evening, Mr. Bond showed the town of Middleboro and the remaining members of the BOS what it means to be an elected official. He displayed the courage of his convictions and has chosen to continue to do so in an a manner that can better suit the citizens of Middleboro. Agree with his decision or not, the man is to be repected for exemplifting what a leader is suposed to do. As to the comment from anonymous at 3:24pm today, what exactly does your comment about their "kind of people" mean? I would imagine that you will take the time to explain something tht could certainly be interpreted in many different ways.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:38 PM
Wasn't it an amusing theatrical touch to compare the weapon with Bond .... James Bond?

Anonymous said...

As an attorney, Mr. Bond is an officer of the court.
As such, he is obligated to report certain criminal activity/unethical conduct going on around him, just as those who deal with children become mandatory reporters.
It would seem that the appropriate path for Mr. Bond to pursue would have been to handle matters confidentially and allow an investigation.
Instead he chose the most attention seeking method possible.
A 'suggestion' of litigation is included in his resignation. For what?
Adam et al need to step back from this scenario and consider 1. how this plays in Kansas because it's not very well 2. the underlying purpose which seems to be an exit strategy 3. the issue of safety is melodramatic and we've heard it all before. He initially claimed he was receiving phone calls in the middle of the night. Ever heard of caller ID?
In the poorly scripted scenario he has created he can blame others publicly and seems to have garnered a certain amount of sympathy from most unlikely sources.
It doesn't work for me.

Smoking Owl said...

OK, we've all seemed to reach a concensus that Adam Bond is an ass.

Where do we go from here?

As far as I can see nothing has changed. We haven't won anything and the casino is NOT dead yet. How do we know that crooked politicians in Washington aren't working right now to approve the Tribe's LIT application? Another gambling bill will be introduced in the State House within months. How do we know it will be defeated again?

Adam Bond may have screwed over Middleboro to furthur his own agenda, but in the world of the mega-resort casino juggernaut, he was a two bit player. Whatever Adam Bond did or didn't do, it is in the past. We can't change it. Adam Bond may be gone from the BOS, and he may even move and be gone from Middleboro. What are we left with?

A BOS who are in the pockets of casino lobbyists and investors. A Tribe in turmoil, reeling from their own inter-tribal corruption charges. The prospect of a mega-resort casino being built in Middleboro. An IGA that is insufficient for the Town of Middleboro. A town divided between pro-casino and anti-casino residents. You see, with the departure of Adam Bond, nothing has changed.

So, let's not lose sight of what we're trying to accomplish. Now that Adam Bond is off the BOS, we are exactly where we were yesterday. The only difference is we have one less selectman. Now the four remaining selectmen can prove to everybody in town that they possess the stupidity of five selectmen.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Dear Anon. 3:55,

"exemplifting what a leader is suposed to do"


Gak. Pah-leeze.

Have you ever SEEN a real leader? Give me a break. Mr. Bond is a toddler with a gun.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't hardly ever fool Gladys.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Smoking Owl,

Have you written your letters??

CC them to everyone.

We need more eyes to see and ears to hear what has and is going on in Middleboro.

Shed the light on this fiasco and no one's going to want to touch it with a 38 and a 1/2 foot pole.

Start getting behind Mr. McKinnon. Donate to his cause, write letters to the editor, hold a sign, get the word out.

Locate another candidate and do the same.

We've lost the wicked witch, while the flying monkeys have very publicly proved themselves to be total goofballs. Use this to your towns advantage.

That's a start.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:20 PM,
The best con works when it is right in front of you & you don't see it... Something else not seen: a police record of complaint. If you feared your family's safety and declared so on TV & at public meetings, wouldn't you bother to speak to the police? Especially if you over-saw their department?

Anonymous said...

I can hear you or see what you are saying because of all the smoke.

There is a huge smoke screen, obliterating the view of what is going on.

Enough of the kvetching, let's get it all out of our system then get to work on writing letters and making phone calls to greater authorities than the BOS.

We need to uncover the truth. If there is "no there, there" then we must understand that. If there has been wrong doing, we must learn that as well.

Who is the next in command?
The State Attorney General?

Anonymous said...

Just when you think the bos couldn't get any worse, ....
Lincoln Andrews is considering running according to anonymous posts he made.
If you thought dumb and dumber were bad, you weren't watching when he was on the board.

carverchick said...

Anon 3:55 wrote:

Last evening, Mr. Bond showed the town of Middleboro and the remaining members of the BOS what it means to be an elected official. He displayed the courage of his convictions and has chosen to continue to do so in an a manner that can better suit the citizens of Middleboro. Agree with his decision or not, the man is to be repected for exemplifting what a leader is suposed to do. As to the comment from anonymous at 3:24pm today, what exactly does your comment about their "kind of people" mean? I would imagine that you will take the time to explain something tht could certainly be interpreted in many different ways.

Val...Is that you? Bored becasue topix is done and LL's forum shut down again? C'mom...."their kind of people" means people who aren't country bumpkins, or more accurately, those of small town know...the kind that Mr. Bond pointed out himself.

wow...if your not val then you two should get together - I imagine you and she could discuss how anon 3:24 should explain their comment. Lord knows, we wouldn't want you to take it wrong way.

anon 3:55 said...

My thoughts precisely.
That's why I wasn't going to dignify the stupid comment with a response.
After the venom VV posted that Adam allowed to continue, that to me defines his leadership/lack thereof more than anything.
This isn't Manhattan, Toto, where you can spread nasty comments about others and believe they won't be repeated to that person.
Put your ear to the ground and listen for the reverberations of the nastiness of the Dynamic Duo. It gets around.
Just keep posting, V. Someone's bound to believe you. It just ain't me.

Michael McAdam said...

Thanks for posting my comment re: Adam Bond and the BOS. I am Anon 3:55. I also appreciate your timely response however juvenile it appears to be. I am guessing I know what GAK and PAH-LEEZE mean, but I'll be sure to ask some local teenagers. Perhaps they can educate me further.
To answer your query, I have seen many "real" leaders in action many times and have been privelaged to watch them make strides in the betterment of their communities, states and country.
To your next comment, Mr. Bond's right to carry a weapon has no effect on his former position as chairman of the BOS. The right to carry a weapon is a right of any citizen of Middleboro (or this country for that matter), a right put in place by other great leaders such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison et al.
To Carverchick...To your query as to whether I am a person known as Val, I am not. My real name is listed with this current posting, not a pseudonym as sems to be so popular here. Thank you for your interpretation of what the original blogger meant by "kind of people", but I'll wait until he or she responds for themselves.

Anonymous said...

carverchick,well said,I thought that was Val also."Staaand by yoooouur mannnn..."

Anonymous said...

Smoking Owl, in response to your question, "we" have taken the next step after the Glen Marshall episode, (this opened the door,(hopefully), to the tribes applications on sovereign status) but before the Bond episode, WRITING THOSE LETTERS!, Bond was just a side bar into this weeks procedings. As Gladys has still reminded us, WRITE those letters to MA AG, and get her to ask the BIA to re-examine the application/documentation of Sovereign Status of the Tribe!! cc to all. We have been and still are moving forward! We were not distracted by Bond with his useless rants.

The Middleboro residents will have to take care of the BOS by paying attention to who's running and their background w/town issues, along with just plain caring about the town you live in and who's going to be in the seat that will be making decisions that will affect you!!

Anonymous said...

How come there's no Michael McAdam on the list of town residents?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Only 5 listed in all of in Massachusetts...

Anonymous said...

Just to properly explain the list from which the information was generated by the town census that is done annually.
It would also indicate that the pseudo-name was not a registered voter.
The name did not appear on the list of voters in the November Presidential Election.
Rather than demanding an explanation of others, maybe the poster could make up a better name.
Try Vegas Val, maybe?

Smoking Owl said...

I think my comments are being misconstrued.

Bond's departure from the Middleboro BOS will have different ramifications for everybody. It depends if you live in Middleboro or one of the surrounding towns.
It is definitely a great opportunity for Middleboro voters to make some changes.

All I'm saying is, Bond's departure from the BOS is not casino opponents' objective and we should not let his actions divide us. His leaving the BOS is not going to stop the casino.

Am I glad he's off the BOS? You bet I am! Am I worried the dolts he left behind are going to make matters worse? You bet I am!

My point is, Bond is no longer on the BOS. Now let's move on, and continue the fight against the casino in Middleboro and legalized gambling in Massachusetts.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Smoking Owl,

The way I see it, and always have, is that Bond is part of the IGA and part of the process. I've tried to point this out in numerous videos that some people just thought were funny. The fact is, Bond's motivations and actions during and after the IGA was signed indicate a need for more investigation. Just as Marshall's activities should lead to ripping up the contract, those of Bond and the rest of the board should likewise. There's plenty of behind-the-scenes blame to go around. So, as much as I'd really like to drop Bond like the hot potato that he is - and as delighted as I am not to listen to his voice in selectmen's videos - if I see connections, I'm going to point them out.


Oh, and Mr. McAdams, while you're checking in with teenagers for a definition of modern slang, why don't you stop by a kindergarten and ask them to instruct you in the meaning of leadership. And please note that on this blog, the name is Gladys.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. A Steve Morin and Michael McAdam both signed a letter of appreciation to Adam printed in the comments to Hal's story on Casino-Fiend about Adam's resignation. Neither name is listed in Zabasearch for any of the surrounding towns.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to point out that the pseudonym Michael McAdam has been previously employed to praise Mr. Bond's ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
It would seem that Carver Chick's assessment was correct and the appropriate screen name should be Venomous Val or Internet Avenger.
Or maybe Victoria should stop posting anonymously, believing she's credible.

Scott from Lakeville said...

Good Riddance.

When is the election to find Bond's replacement?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Just read that the new Speaker of the House supports gambling in MA. Are we to expect Deval to revisit commercial resorts anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Middleboro's election is the first Saturday in April.
Sometimes we're lucky enough that it coincides with April Fool's Day.

Anonymous said...

It should be honorable to be a public servant and give of your time to the betterment of your community.

It takes a Village (everyone pulling together)...

That is why I feel violated by the strong armed tactics of the carpetbagger who just showed up on the scene and in 6 short years, set us back decades.

We must dust ourselves off and encourage good people of goodwill to take up the mantel of public service, even in the face of difficulty.

Who will serve? Who will give of their time to ponder budget struggles, and zoning issues and general quality of life for our town?

No more "strangers in the night" riding into town to save us, please.

If each of us would pledge to serve one term, then the responsibility could be spread among us all.

Smoking Owl said...


I agree with you whole heartedly. If Bond or other members of the Middleboro BOS are guilty of wrong doing, I want it exposed. I want to screw them to the wall. You can't imagine how bad I want to ruin each and every one of them for what they did to Middleboro.
I just thought there was way to much celebrating Bond's resignation, when his resignation really doesn't change anything.

Personally, I won't be satisfied until each and every member of the BOS, Jack Healy, Wayne Perkins, Stephen Graham, Herb Strather, Glen Marshal, Shawn Hendricks and every member of the Tribal Council complicit in the casino corruption gets it tucked up their ass.

Bellicose Bumpkin said...


After Adam resigned, I went out and had drinks with him and several others including Steve Morin and Michael McAdam.

I had never seen or met them before and I don't believe their from Middleborough - but they are definitely not Victoria.

Gladys Kravitz said...

LOL Smoking Owl,

Some people just need a wake. Know what I mean?

At 10 past 7 on Monday I got a call from someone asking me if I was sitting down, then telling me Adam had resigned.

Dumbfounded, I repeated, "Adam resigned?"

At which point my kids looked up and said, "Adam Bond resigned?

"Hooray!!" they shouted.

Bond and his ilk have stressed my family and those of others more than most people realize. And I don't think the world will be quite right for us without a tad more rejoicing in the fact that Bond can't get close to any more intergovernmental agreements with sovereign nations.

Have patience with me.


Jacquie said...


Michael McAdam said...

Thanks Mary...
In the interest of disclosure, my actual given name is Michael McAdam and I am not a resident of Middleborough, but a resident of Raynham. The fact stated that my name does not appear on the November Presidential election voter list is completely untrue and I suggest you and yours re-check you facts and publish a retraction (if not from the poster who made the accusation, but from you yourself as you are ultimately responsible for checking these comments before posting them). I am glad to see that my comments have generated so much interest. Unfortuantely the interest seems to be in who I "really" am and not in what I had to say. I personally appreciate a well thought out comment, even if it is contrary to my own views, as opposed to posting false facts that could in no possible way be true...but maybe that's just me. Then again, I suppose anytime people take the time to think about anything beyond their own backyards, it's a good thing. I will be eagerly awaiting your retraction as well as an explaination of the "kind of people" comment from the original poster. I have every confidence that both will be poted quite soon. Thanks to Bellicose for acknowlwdging that I am in fact a real, live person.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Mr. McAdams, I posted your comment - but that's the last one unless you start calling me Gladys. I never asked you to call me by my real name, which is easily accessible on my blog and many disparaging Topix forums, message boards and pro-casino blogs, so please do not assume to use my real name. Internet protocol...

I believe the poster you question mentioned that your name does not appear on the MIDDLEBORO list. Perhaps I am mistaken. Either way, I am not responsible for every comment on this blog. If you are an adult then you are responsible for what you write and for your actions. If you do not want your name or your business or your address published on-line, and subsequently discussed, then please use discretion and don't use them.

Perhaps you are unaware, but I and my fellow anti-casino bloggers have been subject to numerous on-line attacks. The things we have been subjected to due to our vocal opposition to a casino are well documented. We have been also subjected to many instances where others have misrepresented themselves as us.

So, please, Mr. McAdam, please understand - we're a little touchy.

I do not doubt you are a real live person which is why I replied to your comment as such.

Others may not convinced. But I, and I'm sure they, appreciate your candor.

In the meantime, Mr. McAdams, I do not use this board to discuss those who do not make or promote or influence policy.

Your views and civil comments are appreciated, but let's keep this about a casino, OK? If you have found that you are uncomfortable with your personal information being mentioned and wish me to remove every instance of it - I will - but will also no longer accept posts with that name.

And seriously, it's Gladys.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! A guy named Michael from Raynham? What's next a guy named Glenn from Mashpee? LOL

carverchick said...

I still am dumbfounded that Mr. McAdam feels the need to come here and demand, oh so politely, explanations for what people post.

Mr. McAdam, with all due post like Val. Heck, for all we know you are Vegas Val. How are we to know? Val posts anonymously on LL's forum. We call it a "she" because Val implicates a female...but then again, maybe Val is a man....

The interest in your comment seem to be in who you "really" are instead of what you had to say because of how you said it.

Jeesh....your posts scream Val and since you are from Raynham it is not a far leap to entertain the idea that you could very well possibly be Val. But then again, we will probably never really know because Val is a coward who uses an anonymous persona to harrass and threaten us anti casino bloggers with accustions of racism, classism and other nonsense while encouraging her LL poster buddies to sue has no spine. At least us and ours don't hide who we are.

Oh, and for the record - when you use phrases like "I suggest you and yours recheck your facts and print a retraction" and "I will be eagerly awaiting your retraction as well as an explaination of the "kind of people" comment from the original poster. I have every confidence that both will be poted quite soon" sound like Val on aripiprazole.

and yes, for what it is worth, we do appreciate your candor.

Michael McAdam said...

Thanks for posting my latest comment. I was unaware of the blog protocol, so please excuse my calling you by your real name.
I appreciate your comments to me and I do realize that this blog is for casino purposes. I must say however that my original post was in response to "Adam Resigns". The ensuing comments about me were made by other posters and I feel that I have a right to respond. I have no issue with others wanting to know who they are responding to, but I do take issue with the facts being incorrect. I feel that it is irresponsible for anyone to post false personal information about another person citing searches that are easily accessible and just as easily corrected.
Clearly we are on two opposite ends of the Adam Bond spectrum, but I certainly send you kudos for believing in something in a world where so few believe in anything.
That said, I can see that a retraction of the facts posted about me will not be forthcoming. One can certainly never hold others to their own standards, but I would encourage people to discontinue using "Anonymous" and have the courage of their convictions and put your name to your opinions - much like someone else I know.
Thanks again Gladys for the opportunity to post with candor.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Good Lord, Mr. McAdams, I did a white pages search on you before posting the other comment - got 5 matches in the whole State, none in Middleboro, the closest in Brockton. I am not responsible for databases or voters records. Please take more caution in what you say on-line and how you say it - and where you say it. You wouldn't kick a hornets nest would you?!

Anonymous said...

too spooky lol


Mc= Mega Casino


Michael McAdam said...

Thank you for the explanation of your fact checking Gladys. You are certainly not responsible for databases or voter registration, but you are responsible for the content of this blog and thereby responsible for double checking posts presented as fact.
You laid down an ultimatum to me that you would discontinue posting my comments for calling you by a name other than Gladys, yet I don't see where you laid a similar ultimatum to anyone else for providing you with blatant misinformation. Perhaps it's because we fundamentally disagree over the character of a man you choose to vilify or perhaps not. I tend to think the former.
My attempts to be cordial have fallen on deaf ears unfortunately and therefore I choose to bid you farewell. Thank you for the opportunity to post on your blog and I wish the best of luck to you and yours in your cause however disparate our ideologies may be. Oh, and to answer your question "would I kick a hornet's nest"? Yes, I would if it served the greater good, much like Mr. Bond.

Anonymous said...

boy,Val is getting all angry.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Mr. McAdams,

I have always taken responsibility for the content of this blog, and I expect others to do the same. I've been liberal in what I allow to be posted because there have been so many attempts to squelch free speech on this issue - notably among Marsha Brunelle and Adam Bond - that I felt it was important to hear from people.

I don't believe you've actually read or taken the time to explore/this blog to see for yourself the extent of Mr. Bond's "leadership" qualities from the beginning.

There are almost 2 years worth of really insightful information for you to peruse. But then, perhaps you were born knowing everything - or maybe taking someone else's word for it is good enough for you. How fortunate and light your conscience must be as a result.

As far as:

"yet I don't see where you laid a similar ultimatum to anyone else for providing you with blatant misinformation."

Once again, you are new here. Apparently new to posting on-line. You gave your name. I offered you the opportunity to remove your posts, which you did not care to pursue. I did check the databases before publishing the comments you mentioned Mr. Adams. I did.

Mr. McAdams, Mr. Bond is not a leader. He has used and manipulated people to his own whims. I have watched this debacle unfold - like you an out-of-towner - but unlike you by going to the meetings and forums since 2007, by going to the surrounding towns, by going around the State. And through much research. I've listened to more than one source, Mr. McAdam, and I suggest you expand your sources as well.

If you want to call someone a leader, please know them first.

Farewell Mr. McAdams it was interesting hearing from you.

Smoking Owl said...

Just one comment about Michael McAdams.

If Bumpkin says he had drinks with him and Steve Morin, I believe him.


Because if Steve Morin is from Raynham, I know him. In fact I know his whole family. He is a real person. I know because we're related.

I don't believe anyone would sit down for drinks with one real person and one imaginary person.

Although...once, years ago, experimenting with a hallucinogenic drug, I had a beer with Jim Morrison, but I digress.

Bumpkin, is it possible the "plain clothes officers" from the selectman's meeting are the two gentlemen you had drinks with?

Anonymous said...

Each one of us who has attended meetings or been involved and active, has met a paid out of town 'plant.'
That one suddenly appears claiming an unverifiable name defending Adam screams phony. And he protests and demands?
The source of payment has been unclear from the onset, but the potential list is numerous.
For those ignoring the incidents, one of the most striking was the older, white-haired gentleman who called casino supporters 'indian lovers' in the town hall and provoked an argument with Hal Brown. Supporters foolishly and wrongly believed the 'gentleman' must be a CFOer. What they failed to note was that the man had to ask in the parking lot if the building was town hall. It is noteworthy that he had asked a CFOer who witnessed his subsequent provocative behavior.
Since Raynham seems to have its own fiscal problems, this man's time might be better spent attending meetings in Raynham, if that's where he lives.
As the prospect of a casino is gasping for breath as it dies, it's interesting that the phonies are still being paid. And hopefully few are taken in.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that has always puzzled me is the time Mr. Bond spent 'campaigning' if that's what you call it.
When I went downtown, he always seemed to be walking down Main st. or in the coffee shop. It was kinda eerie like he had nothing else to do.
I don't spend much time there, just in and out to run errands, the bank, post office, Bennys, but everytime I went, I saw him.
And then he moved his office so he was even more 'on display' which is curious if he felt 'threatened.'