Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spilling the Beans

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Anonymous said...

W'as the deal?
This is the bored [sic] Mr. Bond worked to elect.
Have a problem with Aunt Bea?
Told ya so!
Please don't cry. It's unbecoming.

Anonymous said...

A Selectperson received calls from reporters? Actually?
How novel!
Her job? Comes with the territory?
Wait till Ethics notifies her of a $2,000 fine. Whose face will she tear off then for violating the law?

A Braying Mule said...

This strikes me as totally gossipy, small minded and with Adam's every present hidden agenda.
What's he after or up to?
Does anyone really care?
You can't straddle both sides of the fence and not expect to be neutered.

Braying Mules' sister said...

Why did Adam post this prior to a meeting?
Spatero said this is the bog leagues. Minni Ma should be prepared.
BTW haven't I seen them huddled on street corners comparing notes?

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens.
Bond isn't at this meeting.

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again: What a F'n mess!!

It is now almost embarrassing to say that I am from Middleborough.

Anonymous said...

Bond absent? Work gets done without hysteria. What's new?
We just have to listen to stupidity like Spatero asking if salt is purchased by the pound. After years of slumber, he's finally awakened to run for reelection to the big leagues. Whose cell phone went off during the meeting? Was it kind of Kathy Foye not to pan the board to reveal Spatero text messaging again? What's the deal with that? Is anyone asking? At least he's not eating his supper. And what would a meeting be without FF appearing?

nan said...

That has to be the most offensive image imaginable.

What is it Bond is trying to prove? His stupidity?

Adam, you got these brainless people elected. What did you expect? To be Town manager?

Accept some responsibility for what you've done.

Minni Ma is a single issue candidate. You knew that. You knew that she's .... how should we describe it and be kind to her?

The rest of the board speaks for itself.

You had an opportunity to support candidates with brains.

Oh well!

Please shut up.

Jacquie said...

Sounds to me like Bond is planning his exit out of here.
The casino is a no go...and he knows it. Now he's saying that the BOS are all against him and he is ALONE.
He'll isolate himself, say that he and his family can no longer live in a hick town like Middleboro....and VOILA.

Bond is gone as mysteriously as he arrived.

What an ending.

Anonymous said...

Glenn goes to court and Adam disappears. Hmmm

Gladys Kravitz said...

I've said it before. I'll say it again. You just cannot make this stuff up.

shelley said...

Interesting twist!
And he'll leave us with the most incompetent, inarticulate and dare I say, the stupidest board possible?
God help us!
Did you watch tonight's meeting?

Gladys Kravitz said...

In my 'dream ending', Adam flees town in the middle of the night.

And his car stalls out in Plympton.

cathy said...

We watched and I hope the rest of the 'boro did as well.
We couldn't stop laughing at Sputtering Spartero and his latest stupid idea.
I hope MR blogs about this one. It's classic!
And how Jane can write about this without laughing ? Well, you know Jane.

Nocasino said...

Question: With the Tribe and BOS in chaos, Who the hell is running the show?

Answer: The criminal investors, same as always, and just how they planned.

Nocasino said...

Now Hal is throwing Bond under the bus. Geez someone write this stuff down. Who gets the book rights for this?

Gladys Kravitz said...

That's because Hal's next.

Anonymous said...

What If what Bond says is true (which is always questionable) about Ms Belmont talking with Mr Graham after speaking with Mimi.
Who is this Belmont woman? Why is she involved with Steve Graham and the casino deal? That puts Casino Friends AKA Middleboro Friends on the inside of this deal and IMO on the hit list for the Feds.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon. 11:24,


Did Casino Friends aka Middleboro Friends sign an intergovernmental agreement with the one and only Glenn Marshall??

Nope. Just six signatures on that contract.

And only one of those signatures belonged to a man we can prove canoodled with investors behind closed doors.

Did CF aka MF also sell off a chunk of Middleboro to a sovereign nation and post it on their resume?


You have to be an elected official to do that kind of damage.

The reason for the existence of the word 'official'? Heck - it makes it official!

Anonymous said...

If a sitting selectwoman is contacting the tribe on her own, she is just the same as a certain selectman who did the same.

If said selectwoman is acting to hurt the town by relaying inside information to the investors I want to know.

If a organization that is promoted as a civic organization, turns out to be an arm of the investors than I want to know.

I don't give one man all the credit for this mess. It took a villiage of idiots.

I want them all.


Gladys Kravitz said...

ABSOLUTELY! I don't give one man credit, either. And the Mass. Ethics commission should be contacted as soon as possible.

But there is a hierarchy of responsibility.

Because this does nothing to dismiss who sold the town and signed the contract.

There are levels of responsibility. One or even 2,000 elected voters do not carry the responsibility or privilege of one elected town official.

Elected officals past and present need to feel the light of day on their skin.

So, I agree, I want to hear about all the connections past and present.

But the fact remains, you can lead a horse to water - and still not make him drink the Kool-aid. That's free will.

Anonymous said...

Was Stephen Graham on speed dial?
Now that's pretty interesting. The otherwise braindead Minni Ma doesn't know anything else, but knows him?
Remember who voted for the clowns.
Thanks Helen. What have you got to gain?

In addition to the addresses that Gladys provided, you might send a letter here ---

Massachusetts State Ethics Commission
John W. McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Smoking Owl said...

In regards to Mimi Duphily carrying on with the Tribe, I only have three words.


Anonymous said...

Just like every other prominent pro-casino person, Helen stands to gain personally. She inherited some land on Precinct street. That rundown tiny house with the CasinoFriend bumper sticker across from the casino land.

The real question is: "How does she know Steven Graham?"

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from Bond on Casino friend site. Hal seems a little upset with the revelations that are now coming out and now wants a better tone.

Will this be a interesting radio show today?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon 9:32 - I love Hal's title:

"Adam Bond, advocate for good online manners, lambasts fellow board member on his blog"

Anonymous said...

What radio show?
Does anyone listen?

Talking about manners???

Does anyone remember the little ferret climbing over chairs and disrupting meetings to take pics????

When people asked the ferret not to take their photos, that didn't stop the little ferret!

Instead, a sermon on the law, his rights, his self-importance as a 'journalist' and laws about public places ensued.

Never one to respect others, this compassionate counselor pretends to dictate to others?

He was foolish before, but now he looks damn foolish.

Anonymous said...

It says something when a group of people were united against casino opponents and united in their personal attacks and efforts of villification.
There is not a single casino supporter who has examined the facts, the impacts, the population projections, the effects of gambling addiction, traffic projections, the projections of expenses and costs to the town of M'boro because they simply don't exist.
The Town Planner challenged the Matrix representative about the town owned ambulance report and doesn't even have viable traffic projections.
Upon examination, the most vocal casino supporters have something personal to gain, including Steve Spataro and Bill Marzelli who own rental units.
Campaign contributions seem to define legislative support, not the facts or economics.
With impending indictments, violations of the law and the simple minded unable or unwilling to even read the IGA, indictment or plea bargain, this is like sharks eating their own.
Or the Five Stooges.

Anonymous said...

Mega Casino Supporter, Hal Brown is now calling for a change in tone. This after watching the attacks you folks have endured for more than a year. There was no stopping those attacks, but did Hal Brown speak up, defend those who were slimed or do what might be considered the morally correct thing to do and request that they cease?
Never once did he comment, but he posted in one of those slimy forums himself, which as far as I'm concerned makes him as complicit as those who posted such trash.
With the BOS fighting, Mimi violating the law and Adam preparing to bolt, Hal finally steps forward.
This isn't about a sincere call for harmony.
Insincerity comes with the territory.

unhappy taxpayer said...

The legal intricacies are beyond my ken, but the moral implications are not.

I can only urge my fellow citizens to request that the Ethics Commission review this episode, as a beginning, as I have done.

Mrs. Duphily was a single issue candidate, totally unfamiliar with the office she sought, unfamiliar with the laws governing her conduct, disinterested in governance and unwilling to expand her understanding.

It has been said that you get the government you deserve. Those who voted for her need to understand the seriousness of her conduct and its repercussions, as well as those of the other Board members.

It's time for Middleboro to take its town election votes seriously. This isn't about being friends, this is about a town with a + $60 million budget facing a $3 million deficit before the state local aid cuts begin. That deficit was avoidable if you were paying attention.

It's time to expect and demand a professional board.

Complaints can be sent to:

Massachusetts State Ethics Commission
John W. McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Smoking Owl said...

So Stephen Graham is telling the folks over at Casino-friends that they need to put a pro-casino candidate on the BOS. Somebody who won't try to think for themselves, somebody who's had a big dose of casino Kool-aid, somebody who can just fill the seat and follow instructions. At that point they look around the room, and there's Mimi sitting in the corner knitting, she looks up and says, HUH?. The others smile and announce, WE HAVE OUR CANDIDATE!

The folks who voted for Mimi are the same folks who wore orange shirts at the TMFH. They will always vote for a pro-casino candidate and that is their only criteria.
Until we outnumber them at the polls they will always have their way.


Anonymous said...

Smoking owl I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, the pro-casino group has Oak Point in their pocket. The last two elections were decided at Oak Point. Also, we need one good candidate not ten to choose from. And you can bet that it was the pro-casino side that orchestrated that as well.

So the question is how do we win?

Smoking Owl said...

Anon 10:05

I never understood the whole Oak Point support for the casino. I thought the appeal of Oak Point was that it was a pleasant retirement community in a rural setting. Why do they want a casino looming over their backyards?

Unfortunately, until something drastic happens to start changing casino supporter's minds, I don't think we can win. You are right about not splitting our vote among multiple candidates. Our best chance is to have one qualifed candidate who can intelligently discuss all the issues facing Middleboro.
If the quality of our BOS continues to decline due to casino supporters just simply filling the seats with unqualified persons, maybe we DO need to change to a city form of government and be rid of the BOS once and for all. If that's the change we need to bring to town to clean house so to speak, then we have to take the bull by the horns and do it.

Nocasino said...

We have already lost control of our town to casino interests. Adam brought up the possibility two years ago and it has come much faster than we could have imagined.

When you have people of little character are tempted by money and power this is what you get. The only way to win our town back is to expose all who are guilty.

Let the chips fall.



Gladys Kravitz said...

When you want to get make the cockroaches scurry - turn on the light.

The following agencies investigate complaints regarding wrongdoing, ethics and code of conduct.


Office of Attorney General Martha Coakley
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108


Massachusetts Ethics Commission
One Ashburton Place
John W. McCormack Building
Room 619
Boston, MA 02108

Phone: (617) 371-9500
Toll Free: (888) 485-4766
Fax: (617) 723-5851


Board of Bar Overseers
99 High Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02110
(617) 728-8700


Anonymous said...

Please don't underestimate the folks from Oak Point. They are a close knit community that reads much of what's posted. (I know because friends who live there have indicated such.)
They are well educated and although reluctant to get into a small town fight, they understand that a Selectwoman, Muriel Duphily, was communicating with Stephen Graham, who was named in Glenn Marshall's indictment.
This may not be their fight, but who wants Abramoff corruption in their midst?
You might also want to look at the voting list.
Oak Point affects the elections because they vote in a large percentage. Figure out how to get the rest of the town to vote and everyone will have an equal voice.

Smoking Owl said...


You say Oak Point residents are reluctant to get into a small town fight and this may not be their fight. Yet then you go on to say how they vote in a large percentage.
Its that voting block that is creating part of this small town fight. Which by the way is a fight for the quality of life in the same small town the Oak Point residents live in!
Oh sure its nice to go to the poll in your quaint little community, cast your vote, and go back into isolation, but that community is part of a bigger whole.
We can try to get more Middleboro residents to go out to vote and you can try to get some Oak Point residents to CHANGE their vote. I know the folks that live in Oak Point are well educated, and they have a lifetime of experience to base their voting decisions on. I don't believe they are lemmings, I give them much more credit. It is time for Oak Point residents to start thinking in terms of being Middleboro residents and not just limit their identity to being an Oak Point resident. Do they really want look up from their community every day and see a 30 story monolith of a hotel looming over them?

If there are Oak Point residents reading this, I mean no disrespect, but please vote with your own mind and your own conscience. You are part of our town. A town that has been in turmoil ever since the casino issue appeared. YOUR town that is being corrupted by casino interests. If you vote based on what is best for Oak Point, then consider what is best for Middleboro is best for Oak Point. This casino is NOT what's best for Middleboro. Oak Point was developed in Middleboro for a reason, the charming rural charachter of the town. I assume that is what drew many residents to Oak Point. Now, if the casino is built, that will all be lost.

Anonymous said...

Smoking Owl,
Quite right!
But in fairness, since Oak Point is isolated and only receives a censored view on certain issues,
it might be wise to consider Mr. Darmon's casino investments as well.