Monday, January 26, 2009

We Are Spartacus

A friend and I were talking today about how bummed out we both were because of Sal DiMasi's resignation.

Losing a particularly valuable ally like DiMasi - just as the familiar vampires are once again stepping out of their coffins, rubbing the sleep from their eyes and preparing the latest slot bills - is disheartening.

Their minions also rise, sneering in confidence that, thanks to Sal's exit, they'll finally get their chance to sink their pointy yellowed teeth into our State's jugular, suck out it's life's blood, and crawl off once again into the night.

They're also betting that a poor economy will weaken our leadership's resolve, lessen it's intelligence, bend it's morality and blind it to the truth that for gambling to succeed, a lot of people have to lose.

How depressing. You can see how easy it is to lose hope.

But remember - demoralization is just part of the script. Gambling interests want you to lose hope - so you won't fight. Hoping you'll just shrug your shoulders and figure that you, little old no-connections, not-enough-time, don't-need-the-trouble you, won't make a difference. But the reason they make that effort, time and time again is exactly because they know you CAN make a difference. You already have.

A seed of grass, grows.

DiMasi may be gone, but we're not. Now is the time for others to step up. We need leadership, action, and momentum. Once more into the breach, my friends.

(p.s. I didn't make this video, but I think it's genius, and fun, and inspiring, and I suspect we could all use some of that today.)


Anonymous said...

Bond and Sal resign - Some you win some you lose

Anonymous said...

Other than our soldiers marching by me in a parade with the American Flag, this is the most inspiring thing I've seen in a long time.

Onward and upward!!

carverchick said...

Hey...I think I saw Charlie Brown in that most excellent video!

Hey, even Charlie Brown never gave up trying to kick that football....

We are Spartacus....thanks in much part to you, Gladys. Keep the fires burning, and, like a super awesome woman once told me...never give up.