Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gak. Ralph. Vomit. Hurl.

Things must be dire for Adam.

He's left the cacoon and become... Madame Butterfly!

Best line:
"Maybe they (The Tribe) actually listen to their legal counsel and actually know how to deal with a transaction that can't possibly be dealt with from a small town mentality."

Trust me!
I'm a big city lawyer!
And besides... it worked so well the last time!!

Quick. Someone. Get the bucket.


Anonymous said...

I feel the noose tightening!

Anonymous said...

Everything Adam says and does is for Adam.
My Tribe? Mega Barf!
What's he got going on?
Feds asking questions?
Do they know Victoria was looking for a house?
Self serving might be used to describe the Bonds.

Nocasino said...

What Mr Bond does not realize is that this CAN be dealt with a small town mentality.

We small town hicks when pushed have an answer to those who push us. - NO DEAL!

We need our small town selectmen to show some small town character and cancel this deal.

Anonymous said...

Look around you for the trolls. Where is this going? Who profited?

Jacquie said...

How's it feel Adam?
How's it feel to be screaming that this deal is bad and NO ONE is listening?

Join the club...we've been there for 19 months.


dreading drosophilus said...

Having watched silently from the sidelines but being privvy to the goings-on, what I see is corruption, nepotism, favoritism, skirting the law, that began on a small scale that no one questioned.
No one participated, paid attention or attended meetings. The few who voted were town employees.
No one networked or talked to each other.
Things went on that may have seemed minor, but no one challenged the 'Powers that Be.'
So they got progressively more brazen. They did some pretty outrageous things. And they got away with it.
This will unravel in ways that will surprise many.
For our failure to insist on transparency and full disclosure, is this our legacy?

Just please, please tell me I don't have to endure 3 more years of Spartero sleeping, textmessaging, eating his suppers, arriving late and giggling!!!!!

The Board of Selectmen needs to change one selectmen at a time. We need a decent Board and not clowns.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Small town mentality can be a good thing. It implies a natural distrust of insincere city slickers who promise a jackpot with the next spin of the wheel.

...not to mention pony-tailed ex-fishermen and doughy middle-aged lawyers and who toss lies and promises of riches from the inevitability mobile while playing the race card as they cruise down easy street wearing rose colored glasses during the Indian Gaming parade.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Jacquie - that's possibly the best comment of the entire battle. Except it's lost on Adam Bond.

We've been frustrated, angry, discouraged, disheartened, and resentful because no one's listened.

He's frustrated, angry, discouraged, disheartened, and resentful because people are starting to.

Jacquie said...

You're absolutely right Gladys.

It's about time Adam gets a taste of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Nocasino, it seems to me that the casino was a done deal before the city slicker got involved.

We can trash one person, but this wasn't the deed of one person unless we blame only Jack Healey.

There were others involved like maybe 5 members of the bos and Lincoln Andrews was on the bos at the time. Think about it. There were others.

Wayne Perkins said they were negotiating with the tribe before they had recognition. Who was negotiating? Wayne knew. Was it Jack Healey?

Along the way, others were promised things. Look around. I sure hope the feds do.

Carl said...

Small towns like Carver, Halifax, Plympton, Berkley, Lakeville, etc. Small towns with common sense and tenacity to not take "its coming anyway" as an answer.

Gladys Kravitz said...

Anon: 9:43 - yes absolutely others were involved - but only FIVE signed the agreement with Glenn. And of those only ONE gaveled public comment. And only another ONE became the cheerleader to the finish line.

Yes, for sure, there is blame aplenty to go around. It takes a village...

But apparently it takes several village idiots to take their village, via their positions as elected officials, to stomp it and the public trust to death with some serious, deeply bizarre stupidity.

Anonymous said...

My only current thoughts are: What a mess!!

Blinded By The Glare said...

On this truly historical and momentous day, only the Glare of Mr. Bond's ego blinds some.

And what was his point?

Lost on me for sure.

The Feds and the AG and others need to dig and plunge and delve. There is much muck and mire. A public call for information would do much to encourage the silent to come forward.

The pigs are squeeeeeling! Or is that donkeys braying?

Anyone looking at motor homes owned by some?

Most of it's been posted publicly on the blogs if anyone looks. Knee deep in mud!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight -- Bond negotiates deal that sucks, now says 'see, even the tribe agrees.'
He couldn't refrain from commenting about racism could he?
He knew who he was sleeping with all along. No surprise there.
Shall we pretend that he is wearing shining armour and riding a trusty white steed? I think not.
He helped elect this bored of clowns. Now live with it.
The only Tribe Bond is protecting is his bank balance.

Jacquie said...

Do I think yesterday was an historic day?
Anytime there is peacefully a transition of power from a man who holds the most powerful position in the world to another without battles or discord...I say, Thank God for America.

Yet, am I blinded by the magical word "change?" Absolutely not.
Actions speak louder than words for me, and they always have. President Obama has quite a job on his hands and it will be interesting to see how the next few months pan out.

I still say it all boils down to one word...ACCOUNTABILITY....for all.

Smoking Owl said...

I think what we're seeing is more political posturing from Adam Bond.
He's playing both sides of the fence. If the casino ever gets built, he can take credit as one of the key proponents to its success. When things eventually go awry, he can stand up and say how he spoke out against the agreement and the other selectmen didn't listen to him.
Its funny how he's listening to Amelia Bingham now.
Adam, if you hadn't been such a cheerleader for the casino, maybe you could have done your homework and realized what we all knew and what you're finding out now. The casino industry is riddled with corruption and Middleboro does not welcome those that want to corrupt our town.

Anonymous said...

Smoking Owl,
Is the political posturing due to the feds asking questions?
We all know it's not due to his sincere concern for his 'tribe' but just his own neck. He has told so many versions of his stories that he wouldn't remember the truth if it bit him. He believes everyone else is as insincere, opportunistic and corrupt as he is.

Anonymous said...

If anyone had the stomach to read some of the toxic posts plastered all over that attacked the casino opponents, they were carefully orchestrated to personally discredit people, at the urging of the investors, PR consultants, unions or whomever.
The venom rose to an unacceptable level, but always seemed well organized.
One of the posters on toxic is from Bridgewater. Isn't there a lobbyist who lives in Bridgewater?
There were also posts made to appear as if they originated with casino opponents that discredited the cause, much like the plants that were around town. Remember the out of towner who called people Indian Lovers and engaged Hal Brown in a fight? Someone forgot to tell him what Town Hall looked like so he had to ask in the parking lot. Who paid that man?
Much of what has been posted is cyberstalking and harassment, but I wonder if there aren't civil rights violations as well. Maybe the feds can review the organized effort involved in this targeting. It wasn't random. To what extent did Bond participate?

Gladys Kravitz said...

There's a casino lobbyist in Bridgewater?? Who??

Smoking Owl said...

You start gathering the feathers and I'll get the tar!

Anonymous said...

We have to start with the basics.

First basic: Money.
Second basic: More Money

Let's not shade our eyes, gazing toward the hillside to try and make out the mysterious figure in the shadows.

We need to look close to home and the dirt at our feet.

We are making this much harder than it needs to be.

Now, back to money.
How does who earn their living?
Time well spent in the coffee shop or on the radio as opposed to working for paying clients?

Any answers to this simple question will be a good beginning.

Anonymous said...

One of the Wamp lobbyists for Quinn and Morris live in Bridgewater.
If the papers weren't so understaffed they could probably do some great research about some of the connections to politicians.

Anonymous said...

In the beginnin', dere waz light!
Da Bonds rabidly oposed da casino wif da froth drippin' from da mouths.
But light dawned.
Political oportunism?
Promise of being da Big Town Manger?
T'was before the blogs, Media Nation and Wayne Perkins not only dashed dem hopes, but stompt 'em into da groun.
swirl and confusion, Bond and da casino investers' reps negotiates da deal litle more dan toilet paper.
Bond tried to push and cram dat deal threw like a greased pig.
Those dastardly cfo-ers shouted wait just a minute. Ya need town meetin' aproval.
Bond legal expert extraordinaire pouted and fussed got a legal opinion not pleasin' got a 2nd dat said ditto.

Dat's da law!
N' dat's how TMFH came ta be!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware that the Mashpee Wampanoags are in total turmoil and incapable of self governance? beyond anything we can imagine?

Smoking Owl said...

Why does a lawyer from New York City decide to move his family to Middleboro Massachusetts unless they have previous family ties to the town?
I don't question moving to Massachusetts, but why Middleboro? Why wouldn't they choose a town like Wellesley, Duxbury, Hingham, Norwell, or even Easton. Why would a successful New York City lawyer with clients in Michigan, move to financially strapped Middleboro Massachusetts?

Gladys Kravitz said...

Smoking Owl,

I believe the Mrs. has ties to the State. Both in Quincy and over the Bridge.

But yes, why Middleboro? Rural character?

Or that map from the Harvard Study pinpointing Middleboro as a great place for a casino?

Anonymous said...

All comments, HURRAY! "you get it"
Smoking Owl, you REALLY "get it"

I don't live in Middleboro, but, still counts, I live in "surrounding area"

Plea to Middleboro residents, please do not re-elect Adam Bond! Your town needs "change" this would be a good start! I know he has counted on the ignorance of a small town to easily influence to go down his path. Show him how small towns deal with dishonesty, corruption, and ego-maniacs. He is not respected in other small towns.
We are watching and hoping.

Keep on Gladys!

One of the Stupid Voters said...

Dear Out of Town Anonymous 9:51 AM,
Middleboro doesn't have the pleasure/displeasure of voting on Mr. Bond's continued presence on the bored this year.
Running for election the first Saturday in April will be the Sputtering Stuttering Whizz Kid Sputero.
This is the one who text messages through meetings because he's so self-important.
He ate his supper through another meeting. He has a nonpublished phone number so voters don't intrude in his life.
He used to be on the G&E Commission, but had excessive absences, so decided instead to try for the "Big Leagues" as he calls it.
He used to be late to bos meetings when he bothered to attend. Don't think you can review his absences on line because the bored's secretary hasn't bothered to post meeting minutes since July 2008. Why bother? Voters might be enlightened. But since no one other than Mr. Bond knows how to use a computer, don't worry about the bos discovering the state of the PTWS (Pathetic Town Web Site).

You see, anonymous, the rest of the BOS is incapable of running the town or making wise decisions, BUT they support the casino. So the ignorant, single issue voters will re-elect them all.

And the Old Guard who have gotten the town to this point like Lincoln Andrews, Neil Rosenthal and Wayne Perkins will always be supported.

God Helps Us when out of towners are smarter than Middleboro voters!

carverchick said...

I honestly don't even know how to comment on this...on the blog...on what is going on in Middleboro, nevermind what is going on within the tribe.

Jacquie - Gladys is right...your comment is the best one in this entire battle - the shoe is on the other foot and it obviously doesn't fit and is certainly not a ruby slipper.

Gladys Kravitz said...

CC, now you've gone and upped the ante on the best comment of the battle!

BTW - I felt exactly the same as you after I read the blog. It settles on you slowly. And then you go... WHHHHAAAAA...........

Smoking Owl said...

Mimi Duphily was elected because she's a member of certain pro-casino organizations and received the full organized support of their members. Her presence on the BOS gives Stephen Graham and the Tribe influence in our town matters.

I hate for this upcoming election to be broken down to anti vs pro but until the casino is either dead or built, that's what we have in Middleboro.
The pro-casino folks will support another Stephen Graham candidate.
If we want Spataro off the BOS we need to make an organized effort to support an alternative anti-casino candidate.
If we continually fail to elect an anti-casino selectman, before we know it Stephen Graham and his ilk will have total control over the Middleboro BOS (unless that's already the case).

A conflict of interest exists if Mimi is discussing Town business with Stephen Graham and the Tribe. Adam Bond may be the one who crammed the IGA down our throats, but Mimi is the one trying to keep us from coughing it up. I don't give her credit for being some sort of mastermind. No, she's just another
Stephen Graham puppet.

Maybe Adam Bond, by being so candid on his blog, is ensuring continued division in Town. He is the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing and he knows as long as there is discord in Town and the Tribe, it gives the casino lobbyists and investors a free hand in both governments.

Middleboro residents, let's TAKE BACK OUR TOWN!